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10 Incredible Weapons Developed by the Nazis

secondly. World War II was one of the most devastating and tragic events in human history. Millions of soldiers and civilians lost their lives because of the war. Life changed forever because of this terrible war. The most devastating element in the war, one of the greatest disasters humanity has ever witnessed, was without a doubt the Nazis and their terrible ideologies. The Nazis, who caused great suffering all over the world, were the main element in the bloody war that changed the history of mankind with their boundless wickedness. Yes, the evil of the Nazis knew no bounds. However, it must be admitted that their imagination was also quite extensive. Especially when it comes to guns. secondly. During World War II, the Nazis created fearsome weapons that no one ever dreamed of. Some of them were responsible for the deaths of thousands of people on the front lines, while some weapons were used to reduce huge settlements to rubble. Others – fortunately – did not fall into the hands of the Nazis. Here are 10 incredible weapons the Nazis produced or planned to produce, from the Sun Gun to the America Bomber.

1. Thor

Officially named Karl-Gerät, this howitzer was known as Thor among the Nazis. Because this name fits the killing machine, which had a special place among the cool Nazi weapons!

This massive weapon was roughly the size of a blue whale. Each bullet fired by the gun was the size of a rhinoceros! In 1941, the Nazis had 6 Thor rifles in their inventory. The best example of how “minded the Nazis” were when it came to destruction, these weapons were destroyed by the Soviet and American armies that captured Germany in 1945.

2. Curved gun

The Nazis, II. During World War II, he put a great deal of effort into developing war techniques. Among the goals of the Nazis were extraordinary goals, such as the use of weapons on the battlefield that no one had ever dreamed of before, as well as reasonable considerations such as taking a step forward on the battlefield with new features added to standard weapons. Recurve rifles were one of the weapons produced in line with these “reasonable aims” of the Nazis.

The rifles, which had a curved barrel unlike the weapons we are used to today, were designed to allow Nazi soldiers to fire from behind trenches or walls. However, the rifle’s bent structure caused the barrels to shatter after a few hundred rounds. For this reason, this Nazi weapon, which has a very interesting appearance, was used for a very short time on the battlefields.

3. A bouncing bomb

secondly. The Nazis, who wanted to win World War II at any cost, had to dominate their opponents in the air, on land, and at sea to achieve this goal. For this reason, they were working with all their might to develop weapon technologies. At the end of this intense effort useful and interesting Nazi weapons were produced, or at least were planned to be produced. One of those interesting weapons was the bouncing grenade.

In 1943, British forces destroyed some dams in Nazi Germany. A very interesting bomb was used in these attacks, which the Nazis had not encountered before. On the other hand, the Nazis were able to understand what this mysterious type of bomb was, thanks to a bomb that fell on their territory and did not explode: the bouncing bomb.

Despite its huge dimensions, the bouncing bomb can reach targets on water thanks to the engine inside it, and although it weighs more than 9 thousand kilograms, it can jump on water, so it cannot be destroyed by underwater mines and can reach its target. . . Although the Nazis got to work on making their own version of this interesting weapon, they were never able to develop a working prototype. For this reason, the Nazi boomerang project was canceled shortly after it began.

4. Sun Gun

Nazi weapons

The Nazis invested in many new weapons technologies, large and small, throughout the war. Some of them were successful, others were not. Some of them were very interesting, others were really scary. But among the amazing Nazi weapons at their heyday was the amazing weapon called the Sun Gun.

During the war, Nazi scientists embarked on an unimaginable adventure to turn the sun into a weapon. Their goals were formidable. Deploy a huge reflector in space, concentrating the sun’s rays into one center and concentrating all the heat and light energy from the sun into one enemy area to destroy the enemy area! Fortunately, the Nazi scientists did not have time to weaponize the sun. With the end of the war, some captured Nazi scientists admitted that they needed 50 to 100 years to bring this crazy project to life.

5. Populated bombs

As you can imagine, for many high-ranking Nazis, especially Adolf Hitler, hitting the target was more important than any human life. For this reason, Nazi soldiers were doomed to use a weapon as terrifying for themselves as it was for enemy soldiers: manned bombs!

This interesting weapon appeared in the form of a small plane, but in reality it was nothing more than a deadly bomb. The advantage of the weapon was that it was guided by a direct human being. In other words, there was a soldier in that gun and he was aiming the grenade at the target. Of course, when he reached his destination, the bomb broke him. However, some of Hitler’s advisors convinced him that these “suicide weapons” were not part of German war traditions, and the manned bombs were removed from the Nazi Army’s inventory.

6. Gustav the Great

Nazi weapons

For some high-ranking Nazi officials, simply being an assassin wasn’t enough of a weapon. For them, Nazi weapons must be deadly, terrifying, large and majestic. The gun, dubbed the Great Gustav, was produced because of this craving for display at the Nazis.

This giant electromagnetic cannon, aimed specifically at destroying targets on the French defense line, can destroy targets even kilometers away with bullets, each of which weighs 7 tons. No fewer than 250 officers had to work simultaneously on the gun, even just to assemble it. Gustav the Great was one of the largest, heaviest, and most amazing weapons ever produced.

7. Busy Lizzy

Nazi weapons

Originally called the V-3, this gun was called the Busy Lizzie among Nazi soldiers. Because he had been “busy” bombing enemy positions non-stop.

The cannon produced to destroy some caches in London was so large that the weapon had to be made on a hillside before it could be used.

8. America Launcher

Nazi weapons

It is said that Adolf Hitler dreamed of “seeing New York on fire,” one of the most important cities in the United States. It is not easy to determine whether this historical information is correct. But there may be some truth to this Nazi weapon, which was developed specifically to bomb the United States, especially New York.

In 1942, the Nazis set to work to make the Junkers Ju 390 capable of flying long distances, bombing New York, and returning. Even the name of the weapon was ready: America’s Bomber. Although the aircraft made two test flights, the project was never completed after the fall of Germany in 1944.

9. Ball tank

Nazi weapons

Some interesting Nazi weapons remain a mystery even today. For what purpose this weapon, called Kugelpanzer (tank gun), was produced, and how it works is not fully known. The only existing gun tank was captured by Soviet soldiers at the end of the war.

10. Air hammer

Nazi weapons

secondly. By the end of World War II, Nazi Germany was struggling with several major problems. But the top priority of these was the sustained airstrikes. Allied forces were destroying German cities. However, the Nazis were determined to break this air blockade. Here, the pneumatic hammer project emerged as an outgrowth of this stability.

The plan to be implemented in the pneumatic hammer project was very simple and effective. Specially designed Nazi planes will glide towards enemy bombers and crash into the wings or tail of enemy aircraft. For this purpose, specially developed steel wings and a hammer-shaped nose will occur in production aircraft. But the project was shelved forever when the Allies bombed the factory built for use in the Air Hammer project in 1945.

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