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10 interesting beauty hacks used by old Hollywood stars

Almost from the beginning of human history, men and women have wanted to live up to beauty standards and impress others. This desire has also shaped many industries, from the fashion world to the film industry. Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are just two of the most famous beauty icons in Hollywood. Many people at that time wanted to be as “perfect” as these beautiful women and worked for it. However, former Hollywood actresses had to make some sacrifices for their “perfect” looks. In this article, we will talk about the interesting beauty trends that women are using.

1. They shaved off their eyebrows

In the 30s, arched eyebrows of exaggerated height were in fashion. Actors used to scratch their eyebrows and draw the image they wanted with a pencil. For example, Marlene Dietrich used this method to make her eyes look more open. But shaving his eyebrows wasn’t without any side effects. For example, when Lucille Ball used this beauty trick for her role in “Roman Scandals,” her eyebrows never grew back.

2. Use shampoos that contain hops and barley


Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn were particularly fond of this beauty trick. The actresses used shampoos containing hops and barley malt to make their hair look thicker, fuller, and healthier.

3. They have had their colon cleansed to lose weight


Actress Mae West resorted to this method in the belief that it removes toxic substances from her body and gives her a weak appearance and clean and bright skin. Today, some celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Paris Hilton use this beauty trick. In fact, it is not right to call this method a “beauty trick” because there is no scientifically proven benefit of this procedure. Moreover, colon cleanses can be dangerous to health.

4. They wanted to make their chin more prominent


Getting old today is a scary process for everyone. The situation was no different for former Hollywood actors. Artists’ skin has always had to look taut and youthful. As a result of this situation, gamers have become obsessed with the shape of their jaw. For example, Joan Crawford constantly chewed gum to strengthen her lower jaw. It is said that Marilyn Monroe applied to a surgeon and had bovine cartilage placed in her chin.

5. They always wore tight underwear


A curvy body has been a perception of beauty almost throughout human history. Old Hollywood actors also tried to match this perception by wearing special tight underwear. Women wore push-up bras, high-waisted panties with elastic bands around the waist, and corsets that slim the waist and hips and lift the bust. This underwear was worn regularly. And some guys hardly take it off at all. For example, Marilyn Monroe always slept in a bra to keep her breasts tight.

6. They separated their eyelashes one by one with a needle

This method was especially used by Audrey Hepburn. To achieve this famous “deer eye” look, the actress first applied lots of mascara to her lashes and then separated them with a single needle.

7. Use an electric tool to remove freckles

Freckles are very fashionable these days. Some people even get freckles tattooed on their face. However, the former Hollywood actors did not want a single spot on their skin. To get rid of freckles, they used a special device that emits high-frequency purple rays with an electric current.

8. Nutraceuticals were among the indispensable beauty products

Rita Hayworth would put olive oil on her hair, wrap a towel in it, leave it on for 15 minutes, then wash it with lemon juice. On the other hand, Joan Crawford used to wash her hair with raw eggs, and she learned this trick from Audrey Hepburn. Joan Blondell was making a salty cheese face mask.

9. They dyed their hair with dangerous chemicals

Old Hollywood actors used different methods to open their hair. The chemicals they used to get the platinum blonde color were often dangerous. For example, Jean Harlow mixed hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and laundry detergent and applied it to her hair.


Old Hollywood stars often resorted to dangerous diets that would make them lose weight in a matter of days. Susan Hayward, for example, sometimes went about her day with two eggs and three tomatoes. Norma Shearer sometimes excluded meat, fish, eggs and cheese from her diet and ate mostly fruits and vegetables. When it came time to shoot the movie, Jean Harlow ate only vegetables and light salads.

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