6 things people used to wake up to before the alarm was invented

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6 things people used to wake up to before the alarm was invented

Time is one of the most precious concepts in the world. Because our whole life is shaped by this complex and all-encompassing concept. For this reason, “what time is it now” is always important to all of us. For example, a missed meeting, a late bus, a missed job interview, or an early date can change our entire life in an unexpected way. Fortunately there is a warning! In this way, we can respond to our cell phone alarms when we have to, even though most of the time it is hard, and we can start the day exactly when we should. So how did people wake up not having cell phones? Here are 6 things people used to wake up to before the alarm clock was invented.

1. Water

Long ago, water had the function of waking people up! people in the past who lack any warning mechanism; Especially those who had to get up early drank as much water as possible before going to bed. In this way, they will involuntarily wake up at least at least close to the time they should have.

On the other hand, some claims state that the tradition of “drinking water as an alarm system” began in Native American tribes who wanted to prepare for enemy raids and get up early.

2. Clepsydra – a water clock


Yes, there were no alarm systems in the modern sense to help people wake up in ancient times. But they also weren’t fully aware of the concept of an alarm clock. So much so that a type of water clock called Clepsydra has been used for thousands of years.

Although the oldest mechanical clock in the world served as a timer rather than an alarm clock. Similar to current hourglasses, Clepsydra had a working system that allowed the liquid inside to be moved to different chambers. The completion of fluid exchange between chambers means that the specified time has expired. In this way, it was also possible to make the concept of time measurable.

3. Houses of worship


Of course, before the invention of the alarm clock, it was much more difficult for people to get up at a time of their choosing than it is now. However, there were some things they used to get up early in the morning and start the day at the right time. Houses of worship also served as alarm clocks.

The call to dawn prayer from mosques in areas where Muslims live informs people that a new day has begun and that they must wake up. Church bells interrupted the sleep of Christians in the past.

4. Hammer-up


Knocker-Ups is the name given to people who do a profession particularly popular in England. It is also possible to describe such people as a kind of “vigilant”. For these people used to come to the houses of their customers, with whom they had previously agreed, at the required time and knock on the window or the door with wooden sticks in their hands so that their customers would wake up.

During the years of the Industrial Revolution, the importance of getting up early increased, and large companies that could not afford to have their workers be a minute late at the factory began hiring a large number of Knocker-Ups within their organization.

5. Factory whistles


Factories, which began working at the first light of day during the years of the Industrial Revolution, also used powerful factory whistles to wake up their workers who lived nearby and make sure they got back to work on time. Factory beeps have been among the most effective alarm settings in the recent past…

6. Alarm clock

alarm clock

One of the things people used to wake up to throughout history is of course alarm clocks! However, it was necessary to wait until the end of the eighteenth century to use this precious device.

American inventor and inventor Levi Hutchins invented the first alarm clock in 1787. A gear mechanism and a small bell placed in a small pine box were the first example of modern alarm clocks. However, this precious instrument invented by Hutchins can only be played at 04:00 in the morning!

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