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7 Interesting Stories About Robert Oppenheimer You’ve Never Heard

The long-awaited “Oppenheimer” from acclaimed director Christopher Nolan will be released soon. American physicist Julius Robert Oppenheimer, also known as the “Father of the Atomic Bomb,” heads the Manhattan Project and is the focus of the biographical film, which caused quite a stir among moviegoers. For this reason, the life of Oppenheimer, one of the scientists who changed the history of mankind, has many people wondering recently. Moreover, the life of the scientist who played a leading role in the invention of the atomic bomb is full of interesting stories. Here are 7 interesting stories about Robert Oppenheimer that you may not have heard of.

1. Robert Oppenheimer was the first scientist to suggest the existence of black holes

This “mad” scientist, who at some point in his career was also interested in astrophysics, did not hesitate to publish articles on supposed but not yet discovered cosmic bodies. On this subject, the article he published in 1939 with his student at the time, Hartland Snyder, was very interesting. In his related article, Oppenheimer suggested that there must be “dead stars whose gravitational pull outweighs the energy they produce” in the depths of space.

However, this article, which was considered quite exceptional at the time of its publication, received little attention in the scientific world. However, Oppenheimer was talking about the existence of black holes, which is one of the most interesting aspects of astrophysics studies today.

2. Albert Einstein called Oppenheimer an “idiot”!

Two of the most famous scientists in history had a small disagreement in the 1940s. The reason for this simple tension was very interesting. At the height of “McCarthyism” (a term used to describe anti-communist skepticism that began in the late 1940s and continued into the late 1950s) in the United States, many people, including celebrities, were either communists or supported them. She suffers from years of exhausting follow-up and interrogations.

Here is the second. Oppenheimer, one of the inventors of a weapon that was so important that it would change the fate of World War II and thus the entire world, was also one of the names targeted by McCarthyism. Oppenheimer began to sympathize with communism in the 1930s, and provided financial support to left-wing groups in the United States through his $300,000 inheritance. For this reason, he was subjected to intense pressure and various investigations.

At that time, his German colleague told Oppenheimer that he could leave the country rather than endure the arduous investigations and trial. However, Oppenheimer rejected this advice from Einstein, saying that “the current political situation can only be changed from within, and therefore it will survive and fight.” Further, Einstein said of Oppenheimer:He is an idiot!Use the phrase.

3. He tried to poison his university professor!

Oppenheimer was going through hard times, battling depression while pursuing his doctorate in physics at the Cavendish Laboratory in the UK. Experimental physicist Patrick Maynard Stewart Blackett, who was an advisor to Oppenheimer during these years, would force his student to work in the laboratory despite his lack of practice.

Oppenheimer’s failure in the laboratory and his failure to obtain his mentor’s approval angered him. So much so that this brilliant student once dipped an apple in toxic chemicals and placed it on Blackett’s desk!

US President Harry S. Truman Oppenheimer as a “crying” scientist

Robert Oppenheimer

Shortly after the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Oppenheimer met with then-US President Harry S. Truman to discuss his concerns about a potential nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union.

At the meeting, Truman stated that Oppenheimer’s fears were unfounded, saying that the Soviet Union would never develop an atomic bomb. On the other hand, Oppenheimer made an interesting confession to the President of the United States at the same meeting:Mr. President, I have blood on my hands, I feel it!This confession made the US president very angry and made him never want to see Oppenheimer again. So much so that Truman wrote to Oppenheimer in 1946, “The crying scientist who came into my office 5-6 months ago and spent most of his time writhingI used words.

5. He had a great influence on his students

Robert Oppenheimer

Moreover, this influence was not limited to the scientific field. Robert Oppenheimer, a very successful physicist, was also very gifted with oratory. His mastery of the art of speech was so high that he “dazzled” the students he taught. So much so that some of his students dressed and acted like this wonderful scientist…

6. He spoke 6 languages, including Sanskrit

Robert Oppenheimer

He knew the world famous Greek, Latin, French, German, Dutch and ancient Indian language Sanskrit.

7. When he was 12 years old, he was mistaken for a geologist and invited to give a lecture

Robert Oppenheimer became interested in crystals from the age of seven because of their structure and their interactions with polarized light. Oppenheimer was an avid mineral collector as a child, and had a long and detailed correspondence with local geologists.

The geologists with whom Oppenheimer was in contact were unaware that they were communicating with a 12-year-old boy. That is why they invited Oppenheimer to the New York Mineral Club to give a talk. Oppenheimer, encouraged by his father, accepted the invitation, stood on a wooden box, and delivered a speech at the podium.

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