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A serial killer who killed two children when he was only 11 years old

History is full of bad guys who have done terrible things. But there are undoubtedly serial killers at the top of history’s list of villains. Mary Bell, who was born in England in 1957, is one such serial killer. But there are some interesting features that set Bell apart from all the other serial killers you know. First of all, Bill, who became the most important agenda item in England in the 1960s, is unlike any serial killer you’ve ever seen. Because Belle committed two horrific murders when she was just a little girl of eleven! Here’s what you need to know about Mary Bell, one of history’s most intriguing serial killers.

Mary Bell was born in 1957 in Corbridge, near Newcastle, England.

As you can imagine, he was born into a very troubled family. His mother, Betty Bell, was a very irresponsible woman who was mentally unstable. He often disappeared, leaving Mary Bell alone. He did not succeed in taking care of his daughter when they were together.

Mary Bell had many domestic accidents even in her childhood! Because of this, rumors that he wanted to be killed by his mother spread from ear to ear in the area where they lived. Mary Bell never found out who her father was.

A very troubled child, Mary Bell became a child described as “weird” by those around her in the years that followed.

He was very quiet most of the time. However, Bell’s behavior was unpredictable, as his teachers and classmates knew all too well. Bill, whose mood was ever-changing, did not hesitate to resort to acts of violence against his schoolmates at times.

The poor and troubled environment in which she grew up normalized violence and theft in Mary Bell’s life.

So, on May 11, 1968, it came as no surprise to those who knew him closely that he seriously injured a 3-year-old boy. Just two weeks later, Bill committed his first murder…

Mary Bell strangled to death a 4-year-old boy named Martin Brown on May 25, 1968, just a day before his 11th birthday!

Martin Braun’s mother poses for her son’s photo.

The body of the young boy was found on the top floor of an abandoned house in the area where Mary Bell lived. At the autopsy, no signs of violence were found on the child’s body. Because of this situation, the authorities believed that Brown had drowned by accident…

Bell, who committed his first murder a day before he turned 11, displayed strange behavior in the days following the murder.

Mary Bell

He goes to the home of the boy he recently killed and says he wants to see the boy. When the Brown family said their baby died,I know he died, I want to see him in his coffinhe replied on the form. But there were other strange behaviors that Bill displayed as well.

During investigations into the house where Martin Braun was murdered, some very interesting notes were obtained.

Mary Bell wrote the notes, although the authorities did not know this. in the papers found by the police.Martin Brown, we killed you. I kill so I can come back. You are rats and we killed Martin.The authorities thought these notes were part of a bad joke…

The killer, 11-year-old Mary Bell, committed her second murder in July of the same year.

Mary Bell

This time his victim was a three-year-old boy named Brian Howe. Howe was seen with Bill in the morning hours of July 31, 1968. However, the little boy was never heard from again. The body of the unfortunate child was found in a deserted field in the evening of the same day. Just like in his first kill, this time Bell strangled his victim.

But this time, the child’s body showed some obvious signs of violence. Numerous stab wounds appeared in different parts of his body. Also engraved on the abdomen a shape resembling the letter “M”! However, it could be understood that the marks on the miserable child’s body were the work of someone who wasn’t very strong. Because of this, the authorities began to suspect that the children were in the vicinity…

More than 100 investigators have questioned more than 1,200 children living in the area after the two murders rocked Britain.

Only two names stood out with their contradictory statements during the interrogation: Mary Bell and her friend Norma Bell. Norma Bell was the closest and only friend of the 11-year-old serial killer who witnessed Mary’s murder. He betrayed his friend during interrogation. After a while, Mary confesses that it was she who committed the murders.

Mary Bell, who brutally murdered two children, ages 3 and 4, was sentenced to life in prison on December 17, 1968.

Mary Bell

The court ruled that Pell was “a person dangerous to his fellow citizens”. Britain’s youngest serial killer has been the focus of the press. However, it has been forgotten over the years. Until 1977, that is!

Mary Bell escaped from prison in 1977!

Mary Bell

Thus, the child serial killer, who at one time left his mark in England, became the center of attention again. Bell was arrested shortly after his escape, and sent back to prison. However, he was pardoned and released by a law passed in 1980. In the following years, he changed his name and tried to lead a reclusive life as much as possible.

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