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Ahlamour Pavilion: History, Architecture, Location, and Entrance Fee

Ihlamur Pavilion, one of the most important historical structures of the Ottoman period, is the pavilion located in the Ihlamur Recreation Center located in the valley between Nişantaşı and Beşiktaş. Abd al-Majid ordered the Armenian architect Nigogus Balyan to build two wings called the “Ceremonial Palace” and the “Mayet Palace” here. The Marasem Palace is the real Ihlamur Pavilion. We told you what you need to know about this place, which is one of the most important historical symbols of the Ottoman Empire.

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The history of Ahlamour Pavilion

This historical place used to be a recreational area. Volya Stream flowed through it and was overgrown with plane trees and linden trees. The first part of the valley where the wards are located belonged to Hacı Hüseyin Ağa long ago. However, after a while this place was included in the state treasury and turned into a private garden for the Sultan. In the second part, it rises towards the third Sultan Yildiz. Selim and the second Sultan. Mahmoud used to hold archery competitions. The distances and dates of the shots made by the sultans on jugs filled with water are written on the stones here. During the reign of Sultan Abd al-Majid, the third part of the valley was established and this part was afforested. Later, Sultan Abd al-Majid built two wings in this section between 1849-1855.

During the reign of Sultan Abdul Aziz, various wrestling and wrestling events were held in this park. In the following years, this place became a place where the sultans and their families came to visit and rest. This pavilion was granted to the Istanbul Municipality by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in 1951. In 1985, these pavilions were opened to visitors as a museum palace.

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Ahlamour wing building

Linden Suite

The entrance hall of Marasem Palace and a room on either side of the hall attract attention. The stairs on the front façade carry Baroque lines. In addition, interesting inscriptions make the appearance of the palace unique. Western motifs used in Ottoman palaces in the 19th century can be seen in the interior decorations of the pavilion. In addition, the single storey rectangular pavilion is built on a high vault of cut stone.

On the other hand, Palais Maiette is a much simpler building. This two-storey building has a two-arm staircase at the entrance. In the middle of the entrance is a hallway and a staircase. There are also four corner rooms.

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Where is the dream suite located and how to get to it?

Historic building

This historical place is located in the valley between Besiktas and Nisantasi in Istanbul. It would not be wrong to say that it is located in the center of Istanbul. How to get to Ahlamour Suite?

Public transportation to Ahlamour Pavilion:

  • 129 t
  • 26a
  • 26 b
  • 27 e
  • 29 c
  • 29 d
  • 36 liters
  • 41 e
  • m 2
  • m 7
  • D31
  • SRY14
  • SRY16

Tabuk: Teşvikiye, Nisantasi Ihlamur Yolu Sk., 34357 Sisli / Istanbul
Telephone: (0212) 259 50 86

Location information on Google Maps

Is there a fee to enter the Dream Suite?

Historic building

There is an entrance fee to Ihlamur Pavilion. However, discounts apply depending on the age and health status of the person. The current entrance fee for Ihlamur Pavilion is as follows:

  • Domestic visitor ticket price: 25 TL
  • Foreign visitor ticket price: 60 TL
  • Discounted ticket price: 10 lire
  • Park ticket price: 10 lire

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