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An activist was killed by the Hezbollah terrorist organization

The accession of the Free Cause Party (Huda Bar) to the People’s Alliance and the sending of four of its representatives on the lists of the Justice and Development Party to Parliament before the May 14 elections put the terrorist organization Hezbollah, known for its horrific actions in the 1990s, back on the agenda again. . While the opposition accuses Huda Bar’s party of being linked to Hezbollah, the government denies the existence of any relationship between the party and the organization. On the other hand, another name on the public’s agenda is Konka Koresh, which reveals the extent of the atrocity and brutality of the Hezbollah terrorist organization, which has been a victim of Hezbollah’s brutality for years.

Recently, many people are wondering who Konka Koresh is and why Konka Koresh was killed. Let’s take a look at Konka Koresh who was tortured and killed by the terrorist organization Hezbollah.

Konca Koresh was born on October 16, 1961 in Mersin.

Konca Koresh, who married Orhan Koresh when she was only 16 years old, met various sects through her father-in-law.

He has been involved with NGOs and cults since the late 1980s.


According to his relatives, he was involved in the discussions about Islam during this period and was actively involved in the non-governmental organizations or sects in which he was involved. However, Koresh’s view of Islam, and especially the “place of women in Islam”, was very different from the general approach of the sects with which he became involved.

Konka Koresh distanced herself from the sects to which she belonged because of her differing views on the “place of women in Islam”.

In the following period, she started writing articles for Iktibas magazine, which was published by the writer Erkument Özkan, which works in a line advocating equality between women and men in the public sphere. However, Koresh’s adventure here was short-lived. With the death of Özkan, the management staff of the magazine changed. Koresh was forced out of the magazine by new management, finding it “too feminist”…

Koresh argued that women should have equal rights with men and that women should play an active role in the public sphere, opposing the order in force that “imprisoned women in the home”.


Moreover, despite the various Islamic sects and organizations that he was a member of or had contacted before! However, Koresh did not hesitate to publicly express the truths he believed in, and was gradually expanding his sphere of influence through the television programs in which he participated. For this very reason, he warned Koresh’s inner circle to be careful.

Because it attracted the attention and reaction of many organizations and structures, especially Hezbollah, and was threatened by these structures. But she replied to her inner circle: “I must warn Muslim women,” and she did not stop expressing her thoughts publicly.

Konka Koresh, who knew the terrorist organization Hezbollah closely and managed to build a large crowd around her own views, was kidnapped on July 16, 1998 by three members of the organization.


The reader of Milliyet newspaper on July 18, 1998 was informed of the event with the following statements: Konca Koresh, 38, mother of five, arrived in front of her house around 01:00 at night from the clothing workshop she runs with her husband, Orhan Koresh. A married couple Konca and Orhan Koresh, who got out of their minibus, were about to open the door of their house and were neutralized by three armed men who came out of their hiding place. “After these people took the key to the minibus from Orhan Koresh, who was lying on the ground, they put Konca Koresh into the minibus and quickly left the scene.

Konca Koresh’s body was found on January 23, 2000 in a house cell in Konya belonging to the terrorist organization Hezbollah.


Videos of the incredible torture Koresh was subjected to were also captured in the same house. The horrific murder of Konca Koresh, who carried out important activities as a defender of women’s rights and fought for women to be active in social life, is recorded as one of the most striking examples of Hezbollah’s brutality.

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