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Balkans |  2022 was the “bloodiest year” in recent times in the Israeli-occupied West Bank

The Palestinian territories under Israeli occupation witnessed one of the bloodiest years in the past period in 2022. During 2022, Israeli forces killed more than 220 Palestinians, including 48 children, and injured more than 9,000 Palestinians.

According to the information collected by the APS correspondent from the data issued by the United Nations, the Palestinian Authority and non-governmental organizations.violence of Israeli forces against Palestinians throughout 2022, Arrests and demolitions, as well as violence by Jewish settlers. hiking.

Since 2005, when the United Nations began keeping records in the region, the year 2022 has been accompanied by frequent bloody raids by the Israeli army. It was recorded as the “deadliest year” for the West Bank.

During 2022, the Israeli forces will be deployed in two units, 168 in the occupied West Bank and 52 in the besieged Gaza Strip.More than 20 Palestinians were killed. from the dead 48 of them are children. Israeli forces also wounded more than 9,000 Palestinians.

The UN noted that the deaths in the West Bank “occurred in most cases of what appears to be the disproportionate and lethal use of force by Israeli security forces”.

Palestinians in the West Bank lived 2022 as a “year of condolence,” as they spent their daily lives in fear that they or their loved ones might be killed at any moment.

In Palestinian cities such as Jenin, Nablus, Ramallah and Bethlehem, where mourning houses are held almost every day, many children attended the funerals of classmates in school offices and waited for their bodies.

The killing of journalist Sherine Abu Aqil

One of the events that received the greatest response from the state and the international community regarding civilian casualties in the occupied Palestinian territories was the killing of Al-Jazeera correspondent Sirin Abu Aqil, who holds Palestinian and American citizenship, at the hands of Israeli soldiers. Assignment.

Abu Aqil, 51, a veteran field reporter for the Qatari satellite channel Al-Jazeera, was killed by Israeli soldiers on May 11, while following a raid by Israeli forces on a refugee camp in the West Bank city of Jenin.

Journalist Abu Aqil, while carrying out his duty, wearing a steel vest bearing the words “press”, was killed by the occupation soldiers’ bullets.

The conclusions reached by the investigations and investigations of many international institutions revealed that Abu Aqil was deliberately killed and targeted by the occupation soldiers.

Not content with that, the Israeli forces attacked the crowd during the funeral that was held in occupied East Jerusalem to leave Abu Aqil on his last journey, and the coffin in which he carried the body threatened to fall to the ground. While these images, which were broadcast live on television and received wide coverage on social media, stunned the public, the Israeli police’s disrespect for the funeral became the agenda.

Abu Aqil’s family and Al-Jazeera channel filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court regarding the killing of the Palestinian journalist. In the request, it was emphasized that the evidence submitted to the International Criminal Court clearly revealed that the Israeli soldiers were not fired upon from the Sirin site, on the contrary, the Israeli army shot the Palestinian journalist, and that the Israeli army’s claim that “Sirin was killed while standing On the line of fire” was refuted.

It was also reported that the US Department of Justice and the FBI had opened an investigation into the murder of the Palestinian journalist, an American citizen. At the end of the operation, he stated that the United States could submit a request to investigate the Israeli soldiers involved in the incident.

Israel, which initially denied responsibility for the incident and blamed armed Palestinian groups, gradually accepted its responsibility for Abu Aqila’s death after international reactions. The IDF, in its final report published September 5, declared that Abu Aqila “was highly likely to have been killed by mistake by IDF fire.”

However, Israeli officials announced that they would not accept the investigation of the Israeli soldiers responsible for Shireen’s death, and that they would not cooperate with any party in this regard.

The Israeli Prime Minister at the time, Yair Lapid, said in a statement regarding Al-Jazeera’s transfer of Abu Aqil’s death to the International Criminal Court, “No one can investigate soldiers in the Israeli army, and no one can tell us about the state of war, especially Al-Jazeera.” Use the phrase.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz also responded to the US investigation decision. Gantz described the US Department of Justice’s decision to investigate the death of Sherine Abu Aqil as a “grave mistake.”

Claiming that the IDF is “conducting a professional and independent investigation, the details of which are also shared with American officials,” Gantz said, “I have made it clear to the United States that we will not cooperate with any foreign investigation and will not allow any interference in Israel’s internal affairs.” He rated it.

The heart of 7-year-old Rayan, who escaped from the occupation soldiers, stopped.

Although children are entitled to “special protection” under international law, the Israeli military has not practiced any discrimination based on age in its attacks on civilians.

Rayan Suleiman, 7 years old, is the youngest Palestinian who was deprived of life during the raids of the Israeli forces in the West Bank.

Palestinian Rayan was fleeing from Israeli soldiers on his way back from school in Bethlehem on September 29. His little heart could not handle the fear he was experiencing at that moment, and Ryan’s heart stopped and he collapsed to the ground.

Footage of Ryan’s classmates waiting for his body at his funeral after Ryan’s death revealed the extent of the brutal Israeli violence in occupied Palestine.

15-year-old Sina was killed on the porch of his house, where he had gone out to feed his cat

15-year-old Sina Zakarin was the last Palestinian child whose life was shattered during the bloody raids launched by the occupation soldiers on the West Bank.

Sina, who lives in the city of Jenin, was the target of a sniper from the Israeli army, who raided the neighborhood at that moment, when he went out to the balcony of his house to feed his cat. The Palestinian girl was executed there by an Israeli sniper with four bullets, two of which hit her head and two in her chest.

On the day of mourning, when the relatives and friends of the Palestinian girl burst into tears, her white cat was still on the balcony of the house where Sina was killed, and is now abandoned.

Israeli forces demolished 950 Palestinian structures

In addition to the civilian casualties, home demolitions, deportations, Jewish settler violence, and apartheid practices have not slowed in the West Bank.

According to the report of the Palestinian non-governmental organization, the Center for Soil Studies, the Israeli army destroyed 950 homes and facilities belonging to Palestinians in 2022, and confiscated 113,435 dunums, mostly olive trees, and 18,900 fruit trees. It was destroyed in different ways.

Turkey condemns “extrajudicial executions”

On the other hand, Turkey condemned the civilian casualties in the West Bank and called on the Israeli authorities to take the necessary measures.

In a written statement released December 3, the State Department said: “We are deeply concerned about the recent increase in violence and loss of civilian life in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and we strongly condemn the extrajudicial killings. We call on the authorities Israel to take the necessary measures to prevent further escalation of tensions in the region and prevent loss of life. expressions were used.

Israel’s entry into 2023 with the “most right-wing” government in the country’s history raises concerns

After the year 2022, which was a disaster for Palestine, while he said “what could be worse than this,” the new government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which was formed with the ultra-Jewish and far-right parties, took power on December 29, and fears increased about 2023 .

It is feared that the year 2023 in which he entered the Netanyahu government, which has discriminatory and racist policies towards the Palestinians and is considered the “most right-wing” government in Israeli political history, will be like 2022.


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