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Balkans |  2022 was the fifth hottest year

It has been reported that 2022 will be the fifth warmest year on record worldwide, and the second warmest in Europe.

The European Union (EU) Copernicus Climate Change Service stated that several temperature records were set in 2022, and greenhouse gas concentrations increased.

According to European Union data, 2022 was the “fifth warmest year measured since temperature records were kept”. The last 8 years are recorded as the “hottest 8 years”.

Last year, the annual mean temperature was 0.3 degrees higher than the 1991-2020 reference period. Compared to the period 1850-1900, the temperature increased by 1.2 degrees.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations have increased by about 2.1 parts per million, the same as in recent years.

Europe and other regions

On the other hand, the European continent experienced the second warmest year on record in 2022. The hottest year was 2020.

According to seasonal measurements, the continent of Europe experienced the warmest summer and third warmest autumn in 2022.

Looking at other parts of the world, prolonged heat waves affected Pakistan, India and China throughout the summer, and Pakistan experienced the largest flood disaster in recent years.

With La Nina conditions affecting the Australian continent, the air temperature remained low and heavy rain was seen.

In February, the amount of ice in the Antarctic Sea (Weddell) fell to its lowest level according to 44 years of satellite imagery records.


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