Balkans | 30 genocide victims will be buried at this year’s commemoration in Srebrenica

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Balkans |  30 genocide victims will be buried at this year’s commemoration in Srebrenica

The bodies of the 30 victims killed in the genocide at Srebrenica in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1995 will be buried and identified at a memorial service to be held on July 11.

Victims of the Srebrenica genocide, described as the largest human tragedy in Europe after World War II, who were murdered by Serbian forces and whose bones were found years later, will find eternal peace at the Potocari Memorial Cemetery.

The spokesman for the Institute of Missing Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Emze Fadli, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that 30 victims, including 4 children, will be buried on the 28th anniversary of the genocide.

He explained that some families “postponed” the burial of their loved ones in the hope of finding another bone despite identifying her identity, and said: “The youngest of the victims to be buried this year is Elvir Salcinović, who was 15 years old when she was killed. Her remains were found.” Salcinović’s bones were found in 2001 and identified in 2011. On July 11, he will be buried next to his father and brother, who shared the same fate and lost their lives in the genocide. Use the phrase.

Bone remains were found buried at different places and times.

Noting that two of the victims were 16 years old and killed, Fadlik said, “They were identified in 2013, but their families allowed them to be buried this year.” He said.

Emphasizing that all the victims who will be buried this year are relatives, loved ones and relatives of those buried in the Potocari Memorial Cemetery, Vazilik said: “The bones of some of them were found in 1998, but they will be in eternal peace this year.” He used the phrase.

Pointing out that the oldest victim was Nazir Muminović who was killed at the age of 65, Vazlik said: “The situation in Srebrenica is actually like this; when we say ‘funeral’ we are not talking about the entire skeleton, but the burial of bone remains.” exist in different places and times. He said.

71 cemeteries will be reopened

Emphasizing the opening of the graves after the commemoration and funeral ceremonies held at the Potocari Memorial Cemetery on July 11, Fadlik said, “We open the graves of the genocide victims who were buried before and find new bone remains in the following process, and the existing bones are added this year.” , 71 graves will be opened. Use the phrase.

Reminding that the bodies of about 1,000 victims killed in Srebrenica have not yet been found, Vazlik noted that the process of finding the missing continues.

The names of the genocide victims who will be buried this year are as follows:

Esad Dzanic, Bekir Music, Sakip Garaljevic, Himzo Mogic, Hacip Ibrahimovic, Reggio Jahic, Rifat Tabakovich, Idriz Mahinović, Mojo Smic, Saban Ibrik, Sinead Hodzic, Samir Djozic, Sabid Ibrahimovic, Mehmet Djerovich, Nesad Avildovic Smailović, Isid Klimbek, Sabahattin Selimović, Husein Zukic, Elvir Salsinović, Dzimil Alic, Mustafa Mechanic, Ahmadi Halilović, Zehdija Lemis, Haseeb Mujanović, Vejsil Mujanović, Ikper Regic, Mivlider Mivlidj.

6 thousand 721 people are buried in Potocari

After the occupation of Srebrenica by Serb forces led by Ratko Mladić on 11 July 1995, Bosniak civilians who had taken refuge with Dutch soldiers inside the UN were handed over to the Serbs.

Allowing women and children access to the area controlled by Bosniak soldiers, the Serbs massacred no fewer than 8,372 Bosniak men in forest areas, factories, and warehouses. The Bosnian dead were buried in mass graves.

After the war, the victims whose bodies were found were buried in mass graves in an effort to find the missing in a ceremony held at the Potocari Memorial Cemetery on 11 July each year after their identification.

Potocari Memorial Cemetery contains the graves of 6,721 genocide victims.


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