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Balkans |  38 people were killed in a train accident in Greece

It was reported that 38 people died in the train accident that occurred in Greece, and 57 people were cured.

Greek state TV ERT reported that a passenger train and a freight train collided in the Tempe area, north of the city of Larissa.

It was reported in the news that 38 people died in the accident, as some of the passenger train’s carriages derailed and the front carriages were burned, while 57 people were cured.

After the accident, the passengers of the train were taken by buses to Thessaloniki, Larisa and Katerini.

The head of the detention center admits his mistake

In the news based on police sources in the Greek media, the duty station chief, who was arrested in connection with the incident, said, “I made a mistake and sent the passenger train the same mistake as the commercial train from Katerini.” He said.

Mitsotakis went to the scene

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who went to the scene of the accident, told reporters: “From now on, I can only guarantee one thing. We will find the reasons for this tragedy and we will do everything we can to ensure that something like this does not happen again.” He said.

Also heading to the scene were President Katerina Sakellaropoulou, Health Minister Thanos Plevris, and leader of the opposition Radical Left Alliance (SYRIZA) Alexis Tsipras.

3 days of mourning

The Greek government declared three days of national mourning after the deadliest train accident in the country’s history.

During the mourning period declared in the country, flags in all public institutions will be lowered to half mast and all celebration programs will be cancelled.

A fight in a demonstration protesting the incident

In Athens, the capital of Greece, a brawl broke out between demonstrators protesting the train accident and the police.

Thousands of demonstrators, who gathered in front of the building where the offices of the Hellenic Train are located, carried a sign that read, “It is not an accident, it is a murder.”

The police responded with tear gas at the demonstrators, who refused to leave their places.

Search and rescue efforts continue for a train accident in Greece

According to the first information, the number of missing persons is estimated at about 20 in the accident, in which dozens of people were injured.

Because of the fire that broke out during the accident, there were difficulties with the search and rescue efforts and the identification of some of the bodies removed from the wreckage, while missing families were given samples for DNA testing.

Nikos Sgouris, a member of the search and rescue team working in the rubble field, explained the incident to an AA reporter with these words:

“Both trains were on the same track. They were coming from opposite directions. Both trains had a high speed and they collided at this point. The collision was very hard.”

Pointing out that the cause of the large loss of life in the accident was not only the fire, Sjoris said that the materials in the front carriage, which was used as a canteen, were also effective in the fire.

“The materials and oils in the canteen in the front carriage caused the fire, but it was extinguished by the firefighters,” said Sjoris. He said.

Search and rescue efforts will continue throughout the night, Sjoris said, “We will try to get to the bodies. There is nothing else to do. We are awaiting instructions from the fire department.” He said.

Search and rescue volunteer Vassilis Iliopoulos said the work would continue. “I think there is no hope for anyone else to get out of this wreckage alive,” he said. He said.


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