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Balkans |  57 repatriations in Greece in June alone

Cases of Greece sending migrants back to the Aegean Sea are the focus of criticism. A nongovernmental organization provided the data for June. According to the report, there were 57 expulsions in June alone.

Greece is at the center of criticism for human rights violations in the Aegean Sea.

Athens’ pro-immigrant policies have been reported this time by the Norwegian NGO Aegean Boat Report.

According to the June 2023 report, 57 illegal pushbacks were registered in the Aegean Sea by the Greek Coast Guard.

In these cases, 1,242 people, including children, women and men, were denied asylum.

Ten cases of trauma were performed using rescue equipment.

In these cases, 133 people were put on a total of 11 rubber dinghies and left to drift helplessly at sea.

Greek forces have returned more than 60,000 migrants to the Aegean Sea in 2,289 cases in the past three years.

Despite all the criticisms and reports, the Athens administration denies the replays.

On the other hand, the European Commission continues to turn a blind eye to the systematic violations of human rights in Greece.


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