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Balkans |  8 dead and 14 wounded in an armed attack in Serbia

And in Mladenvac, near Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, 8 people were killed and 14 wounded as a result of an automatic rifle fired from a vehicle while it was in motion.

In a statement issued by the Serbian Ministry of the Interior, it was recorded that 8 people were killed and 14 injured when the attacker, who was carrying an automatic rifle, opened fire from the car that was moving in the village of Dobona in Mladenvac.

He stated that U.B. , who carried out the attack, was arrested in the central city of Kragujevac as a result of a comprehensive operation involving 600 security personnel.

While the local media published the information that the villagers spent the night in fear and anxiety after the terrible attack, it was reported that the injured were treated in hospitals in Belgrade and Smederevo.

Vucic: We will double the penalties for possession of illegal weapons

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic held a press conference on armed attacks.

Describing what happened last night as a “terrorist attack,” Vucic said, “First, our students were attacked with weapons. After that, people were shot indiscriminately. This is an attack on the whole country and it is felt by every citizen.” He said.

Vucic indicated that they decided to take some measures in the country after the two armed attacks in Serbia, “Every school will have a police officer. In the coming period, we will recruit 1,200 policemen and appoint 1,000 of them in schools. There will be a number of police equal to the number of 334 schools in Belgrade.” He said.

Vucic explained that the Ministry of Interior will make an urgent change in the law regarding possession of weapons, “We will control everyone who has legal and illegal weapons. We will double the penalties for possession of prohibited weapons. We will ensure the complete disarmament of Serbia.” He said.

Vucic stated that those who obtain weapons will undergo psychological testing at certain times and said, “We call on those who possess illegal weapons to hand them over to the relevant institutions. Otherwise, we will find them one by one and the consequences will be very serious.” Use phrases.

Rules for bringing dangerous and explosive materials into schools will be tightened, Vucic said, “I would like to thank all the security forces who have been on their feet since last night. I believe we will overcome these evils.” He said.

Vucic announced that a large number of security and military personnel will take to the streets of the country during the next 15 days.

The second armed attack in a week in Serbia

In the capital, on May 3, 8 children and 9 people, including a security guard, were killed in an armed attack on 7th grade student K.K. The 14-year-old attends Vladislav Rybnicar Primary School.

Last night, the attacker, 21-year-old UB, opened fire indiscriminately from a moving vehicle in the village of Dobona in Mladenvac, causing the death of 8 people.

The attacker was arrested in the city of Kragujevac as a result of an intensive operation involving 600 security men.


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