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Balkans |  84 Activities of the Turkish Writers Association Kosovo in 2022

The Turkish Writers Association of Kosovo carried out 84 activities in 2022 as part of the extensive work it presented last year.

The Association of Turkish Writers in Kosovo included the following statements in its social media post:

Literature hours, book promotion, visits, interviews, writer-student-reader meetings, award ceremonies, ceremonies, cultural arts, which we, as the Turkish Writers Association of Kosovo, organize, participate in, jointly organize, and one-to-one among the events of the year 2022. Addresses, International Poetry Festivals, Author Schools, Book Magazine Publications, Visits, Seminars, Celebrations, Celebrations, Online Interviews, Conferences, Presentations, Book Donations, Book Promotion, Magazine Publishing with Special File Numbers, Encouraging Our Young Writers to Literature and their literary academies. Participation, activities focused on loyalty and respect for our values, maintaining the agenda of Turkish literature, our culture and our artistic world with news/promotions on our website, school visits, literary talks, organizing events in cooperation with sister literary organizations from other countries, participating in national and international literary holidays.We have achieved success under titles such as country representations, interviews, publications, promotional z, commemorating our writers and artists on their birth and death anniversaries, literary awards of the year, presenting a lifetime service award, recording jubilees, and artist meetings. We made our Turkish echo in the form of waves. We have added new hopes and impetus to the scope of our language’s future. Our 5 writers have been deemed worthy of a total of 7 national and international literary awards, and new works by our young and pioneering pens have seen the light of day. This pride and happiness is ours!

We are grateful to all of them, one by one, for their voluntary, material and moral contributions to our board of directors, our president, honorary president, co-chairs, our association members, our friends, our sister literary organizations, our educational, cultural and artistic institutions.

We take a retrospective look at our activities in 2023, with a frame of each of our actions and activities, in the language of photographs.

In 2023, we feel the joy, the hope, and the impatience of being together again in brand new works and events!

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all our sister organisations, institutions and friends for their unwavering support. welcome! May your existence be forever!

In the new year, let us run together in many successes, studies and activities in health, peace, tranquility, unity, solidarity and happiness. Thank you exist! “

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