Balkans | A Bosnian Muslim who went on pilgrimage from Austria on foot arrived in Kirkuk

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Balkans |  A Bosnian Muslim who went on pilgrimage from Austria on foot arrived in Kirkuk

Bosnia and Herzegovina Muslim Invar Bejanović, who set off on November 18 from Austria to reach the Holy Land in order to perform Hajj, arrived in Kirkuk, Iraq.

Bosniak Pejanovic, 52, a judo athlete who has lived in Austria for 28 years, continues to progress by crossing 10 countries along his path.

Aiming to reach Mecca in June, Bejanović will pass to Saudi Arabia via Kirkuk, Salah ad-Din, Diyala, Baghdad, Babel and Najaf in Iraq.

Speaking with an AA reporter, Bejanovic said he had wanted to go to the Holy Land since his youth, but this year he was lucky.

“I’ve been walking for months and never get tired”

Stating that he decided to go on a pilgrimage in this way because he was an athlete and used to walk long distances, Bjanovic said that he wanted to make great gains by walking thousands of kilometers.

“My deceased mother and father advised us not to deviate from your religion.” Using the expression, Bejanović states that he has been walking for months to reach the Holy Land and never gets tired.

Bejanović, who mentioned that he met different nations and societies with different beliefs and religions in the countries he passed, indicated that he was more curious about the Muslims of the world and that he was happy to meet people in Muslim countries thanks to this trip.

I crossed 10 countries on foot on pilgrimage

Bejanovic, who crossed 10 countries on foot for about 160 days and carried the flag of each country he passed on his back, leaving behind Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey during his journey that he started from Austria.

Arriving in Iraq by pushing a two-wheeled wheelbarrow he was using to transport his supplies, Bejanović said he walked 4,600 km during his journey.

Explaining that he had not encountered any problems since the day he started his journey, Bejanović continued:

I haven’t had any problems for thousands of kilometres. On the contrary, I have received help and support from people beyond my expectations.”

Bejanovic followed on social media a faculty member in the Faculty of Science at Kirkuk University. doctor. “I wanted to support this religious partner who went on pilgrimage in a rare way and hosted him in my home for two days,” said Prince Kasapoglu. He said.

Noting that he studied at university in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the early 1980s and speaks Bosnian well, Kasapoglu said he had previously offered his help by contacting him on social media.

“As the Turkmens of Kirkuk, we gladly fulfilled our duty to host and host him,” said Kasapoglu. Use the phrase.


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