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Balkans |  A Bulgarian patient at risk of losing both legs regained his health in Türkiye

Petko, a 59-year-old Bulgarian patient who was at risk of losing both of his legs due to vascular occlusion in the abdomen, regained his health in Turkey with the rarely preferred method of anatomical bypass. Petko, who is also a dialysis patient due to his health issues, is also made suitable for a kidney transplant.

After his operations in Bulgaria, blood circulation in the legs of 59-year-old Petko Georgiev, whose abdominal blood vessel called the abdominal aorta was closed, was supplied only by capillaries. Petko, who became a dialysis patient in the process, was also at risk of losing his legs if he did not intervene due to unhealthy circulation. Petko, who had learned through his friends that he could regain his health with an additional anatomical bypass, one that he does not like very much, was presented to Medicana International Hospital in Istanbul. Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery. doctor. As a result of the examinations conducted by Arda Özyüksel and his team, the 59-year-old Bulgarian patient, who was found fit for surgery, underwent a successful operation, bypassing a leg vein from a vein taken from the armpit. Circulation in the legs is restored, and Petko’s health is also made fit for the next stage, a kidney transplant.

He came to us as a hemodialysis patient with upper level venous occlusion.

Professor from the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at Medicana International Hospital in Istanbul, who told the story of the patient’s health condition before coming to Turkey. doctor. Arda Özyüksel said, “Our patient had some difficulties during the treatment of blockage of leg veins in Bulgaria and the vein in the abdomen, which we call the abdominal aorta, reached a severe blockage. The patient also became a dialysis patient during this period. She was on dialysis 3 times in Her abdomen and legs are only fed by capillaries. In this way, we evaluated our patient through preliminary interviews. We found her suitable for surgery and brought her from Bulgaria.”

“We used an additional anatomical bypass technique, which he doesn’t like very much.”

Providing information about the treatment process, Prof. Dr. doctor. Arda Özyüksel went into detail about the extra anatomical wrap. the professor. doctor. Özyüksel said, “With a surgical technique that we rarely use in such cases, we bypassed the patient’s leg vein from the armpit vein. In this way, we perfused the leg veins of our patient with blood and made them suitable for kidney transplantation in case he was on the list for kidney transplantation. Everything went well.” In our patient, and now we can get him out. An additional anatomical bypass is a technique that is not much preferred. These are techniques that we don’t often use very often but have to do from time to time. However, thanks to this, we also got the opportunity to transplant a kidney for our patient.”

“It could go as far as losing a limb.”

A.D. stated doctor. Özyüksel said, “Since the blood that goes to the legs and feet of these patients is only fed by capillaries, there will definitely be problems in the long run. Our patient has already started to feel pain even after walking after a certain point. The next stage of this process is It can lead to rest, pain and loss of limbs in the future. In addition, we do not want the veins in the legs to be supplied by capillaries from the abdominal organs. Because there is a risk to the life of the abdominal organs. This is one of the techniques we use in this case. He said” Our patient has now been supplied with blood into the leg veins and has become a candidate for a future kidney transplant.”

Finally, Özyüksel said that they have received a lot of requests from abroad for health services and said: “Many patients from abroad apply to our country and our center. We look at data from many patients every day. Our healthcare sector is highly favored, especially from the region Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe We are doing our best to heal our patients and help them return to their countries.

“I will come here again for a kidney transplant”

Petko Georgiev, who recovered his health as a result of the operation and said that he would prefer the same hospital for a kidney transplant, conveyed his thanks to the entire team. Georgiev said, “I was very sick, and I had a lot of problems with my blood circulation. I heard about this hospital through my friends and decided to come here and have an operation. Thanks to the doctors, I would especially like to thank Mr. Arda and his team. I’m thinking of getting a favor from This hospital for the treatment process we are going to test for my kidneys.”


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