Balkans | A call to the Turks in Bulgaria to “work together” in the April 2 elections

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Balkans |  A call to the Turks in Bulgaria to “work together” in the April 2 elections

Emin Balkan, president of the Balkan Migrants Association for Culture and Solidarity (BAL-GÖÇ), asked dual citizens to support the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (HÖH) party in the early general elections scheduled for April 2.

The Balkans told Anadolu Agency (AA) that despite immigration, the Turkish population in the Balkans is the highest in Bulgaria.

Pointing out that there are many people with dual citizenship and continuing their lives in Turkey, the Balkans stated that there are dual citizens with voting potential of more than 300 thousand all over the country, 72 thousand of which are in Bursa.

Stating that Turkey has the largest number of voters among the 62 countries in which ballot boxes will be set up, Balkans stated that the third largest party in parliament is the MRF, most of whom are Turks.

Reminding that a coalition could not be formed in the last 4 parliamentary elections in the country, the Balkans proceeded as follows:

Had the number of MPs from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms been more than 3 to 4, they would have had a chance to form a coalition government in the last elections. There is an opportunity for us to be together, to be together, and to show that we are strong with the votes of our brothers in the upcoming elections. The rule of democracy passes through the ballot box. We want to support our brothers in Bulgaria, let them be strong and be in the government in the new period. Our brothers in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian citizens in Turkey have expectations, and some of their problems are still unresolved. It is very important for our brothers to be in the government so that these problems are also resolved.”

Voting will take place in 162 ballot boxes in 23 provinces of Türkiye.

Emin Balkan stated that on April 2, votes will be cast in 162 ballot boxes in 23 provinces of Turkey, and 39 of these ballot boxes will be set up in Bursa.

Stating that they, as an association, are working hard to provide logistical support to both the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Bulgaria in the elections, the Balkans indicated that they coordinate electoral work with the Bursa Governor’s Office and the Bulgarian Consulate.

Noting that the voting times are set from 07.00 to 20.00, the Balkans called for double-citizen support for the MRF party, which will go to the elections with ballot number 13.

Expressing their wish for participation to be a good choice and with much excitement, the Balkans said:

We very much hope that our brothers in Bulgaria will be in power. This choice is very, very important. In Bulgaria, some resentment is felt by those who did not go to the polls. There is no such thing. We will not have such a luxury because if you do not express your problems, if you do not want, no one will give you the right to say “it is your right.” Unfortunately, the Turkish minority has problems in Bulgaria, and there are problems with being Turkish and being Muslim. We must defeat it within the framework of the democratic system, within the standards of the European Union, by being elected and taking office. For this reason, our citizens, who are in the position of voters in Turkey, Bulgaria and Europe, who work as workers, must go to the polls and give their support.

The Balkans reported that HÖH party chairman Mustafa Karady met dual citizens in Bursa during the express breakfast program last week.

Expressing that Karaday said that they would do their best to solve the problems of the Turks in Bulgaria, the Balkans added that if the number of MRF deputies can exceed 40, he finds it very likely to become a coalition partner.

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