Balkans | A reception was held in North Macedonia for the Turkish Education Day on December 21.

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Balkans |  A reception was held in North Macedonia for the Turkish Education Day on December 21.

The program organized by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) and the Turkish-Macedonian Federation of Civil Society Organizations (MATUSITEB) was attended by the President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) Mustafa Zain Top and his accompanying delegation, as well as the Speaker of the North Macedonian Parliament Talat Kafri. The meeting was attended by Minister and deputies of North Macedonia, representatives of the Constitutional Court of North Macedonia, Ambassador of Turkey to Skopje Hasan Mehmet Itcuk, President of TIKA Serkan Kayalar, representatives of Turkish institutions and organizations in the country, politicians and other guests.

In his speech, Speaker of the North Macedonian Parliament Talat Kafri congratulated December 21 on Turkish Education Day.

Kaveri emphasized respect for the culture, identity and characteristics of Turkish society on the occasion of this holiday, both institutionally and as citizens, saying: “The Republic of North Macedonia is an excellent example of democratic maturity and social awareness, in a natural environment. Coexistence with other characteristics, in line with its protectionist brand and identity. And it is A rich country is the original indicator. He said.

Kaveri added that the friendship and kinship between the citizens of the two countries is solid, historical, traditional and warm, and it also forms a solid foundation for the relations between the two countries.

Turkey’s Ambassador to Skopje Hasan Mehmet Itcuk said that they are happy to see the different communities that have been living together in North Macedonia for centuries and have passed on their mother tongues, religions and many cultural traits to the present day.

Itcock asserted that the Balkans was a geography of peace and brotherhood where high culture and civilization prevailed during the period known to Westerners as the “Ottoman Peace”.

Noting that their mother tongue is the main foundation of their centuries-old cultural memory, Eatcock said, “There is no doubt that our historical memory must be strong in order to be able to put our cultural memory in its proper place.” He said.

Recalling that the issue of Turkish education remained current in the years after the independence of North Macedonia, Itcuk said that efforts were made to overcome obstacles and gains were made.

MATUSITEB President Tahsin Ibrahim pointed out that the concept of this year’s celebrations has been changed compared to previous years.

Emphasizing that Turkish Education Day on December 21 is the holiday of all Turks living in North Macedonia, Ibrahim said: “He established the Turkish community in the country, with its Turkish elegance, culture, literature, art, history, traditions and spiritual values. Being in these lands for centuries, it got people talking about it, and it still does. I will.” Use phrases.

Pointing out that as loyal citizens of North Macedonia, they continue to serve as a bridge for further consolidation of cultural, political and economic relations between Turkey and North Macedonia, Ibrahim asked to solve the problems of the Turkish people in the field of education within the country. December 21 next.

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