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Balkans |  A Serbian collector has collected 15,000 surprise eggs in 32 years

Radivoj Dado Johic, who lives in the city of Sremski Karlovci in northern Serbia, shows in his house about 15,000 toys, which he has been collecting for 32 years, that were hatched from surprise eggs.

Juhik shared with an AA reporter his passion, which began with collecting surprise eggs of the world-famous cartoon character “Asterix”, which he admired as a child, and today has reached tens of thousands of games.

It all started with the series “Asterix” that came out of a surprise egg in 1991, Cehik said, “When we were kids, we all had cartoon characters that we loved. Mine was Asterix. After the comics, the series Asterix and His Friends in Surprise Eggs started. It started right away. in combination.” He said.

The toys that came out of the surprise eggs at the time were made like models, Jhek explained, “We would tear the pieces out of the plastic and put them together. I was so happy when I finished the whole series. I wanted to keep collecting.” He said.

He stated that he placed airplanes, cars, and many other toys that hatched from surprise eggs in the showcase of his home, and stated that over time, he took the toys out of the showcases and began storing them in more than 30 glass cases.

There are also games from the 80’s.

Noting that he is displaying the “most beautiful” toys he has collected during his 32 years in his home museum, Jheck said, “There are more, but they are in the boxes. I need to make new showcases.” He said.

His museum includes toys from Japan, China, Mexico and many European countries, said Gohic, “Most of the toys are made for Italy and Germany. There are places in Europe that sell such collectible toys. So I also made deals and bought. And so, I arrived at new and different toys.” He said.

He was one of those who bought a surprise egg for her game instead of chocolate, Juhik said, “Asterix was first released in 1975 or 1976. There are only two games from that series. They are very hard to come by. There are only a few games from the early the eighties.” Use his statements.

Juhik confirmed that he continued to collect toys during the Kovid-19 pandemic, and said he pursued online exchange programs for his passion that turned into collections.

Serbian collector Juhik has reiterated his desire to complete the first part of the “Asterix” series.

In the Juhik Toy Museum, a wide range of surprise eggs awaits its visitors, from many cartoon characters to metal toys, from New Year’s special series to small puzzles with different structures.


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