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Balkans |  ABTTF reaction to news of Turkish anti-minority press

The ABTTF stated that the news website “” published manipulative news about the article written by the ABTTF president.

The Western European Thracian Turkish Federation (ABTTF) stated that the news site “” published manipulative news about the article written by the ABTTF president.

In the news titled “ABTTF opens ‘the way’ for votes to move to MERA25 – the ‘day after’ scenario published on the news site ‘’ on April 5, ABTTF President Halit Habipoğlu referred to the last article. He claimed to have supported the MERA25 party in the elections Public to be held in Greece in May through the President.

In the news in question, Habipoğlu, the head of the ABTTF, an NGO based in Germany with an office in Athens, allegedly included a number of articles explaining why the Turks of Western Thrace should support the MERA25 party. He stated that he called on Greek citizens living abroad to come to Greece at election time in order to protect their votes in the elections and vote not only for parties but also for some candidates.

ABTTF’s attempt to open an office in Athens was allegedly a very well-organized attempt by the Turkish deep state, and the news claims that its foundation dates back to 2020, and the ABTTF’s German and Turkish embassies in Athens in addition to racism and fascism. The threat allegedly cooperated with the Counter Unity Movement (Kirfa).

The news also claimed that in the context of the scenarios, the MERA25 party (in Komotini) is expected to nominate names from the close circle of the Turkish consulate and that it is in the event of a “possible defeat” (SIRIZA, PASOK, MERA25 etc.) “government coalition, deep state representatives They will participate in government.

Reaction from President Habibioglu

ABTTF President Halt Habipoğlu made the following statements regarding the issue:

“First of all, I would like to express that, as evidenced by the news published on the news site, the press releases of the ABTTF and my own articles are followed closely and with particular interest by the Greek local press in our region. However, claims komotinipress. gr, ABTTF cannot directly or indirectly support the MERA25 party in the upcoming general elections in our country.ABTTF, as clearly stated in its charter, is a non-governmental organization that adheres to democracy and the rule of law, and is completely independent of political parties, state bodies and governments.In our capacity ABTTF, we only supported Turkish candidates in the general, regional and local elections in our country. As I clearly stated in my article, which is the topic of the news, we, as ABTTF, support Turkish candidates in the next general elections. In my article, I drew attention to the new election law and urged the Turks of Thrace Westerners living abroad to go to the region and vote for Turkish candidates.What is necessary and important for us as a society is the amount of space that Turkish parliamentary candidates give in the programs and policies of the parties they are candidates for, for our legitimate demands to solve our problems and problems. But in the end, voting rights are personal in democracies. Everyone goes to the polls of their own free will and votes for the candidate and political party they want, and they make their choice.”


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