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Balkans |  Academic cooperation between Bursa and Bulgaria

Bursa Uludağ University (BUÜ) hosted the academic delegation working at the University of Agricultural Business and Rural Development (University of Agricultural Business and Rural Development) operating in Bulgaria.

Within the framework of the Erasmus + exchange program, the Head of the Department of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Agricultural Business and Rural Development, Prof. doctor. Zlatka Grigorova, assistant. doctor. Krasimir Asinov, assistant and doctoral student Vesila Angelova, staff of the Distance Education Center Albina Kuleva, staff of the Education Department Aleksandrina Gatcheva, first rector prof. doctor. The guide hosted Ahmed Sayem.

“University cooperation will also improve countries’ cooperation!”

A faculty member in the International Relations Department of the İİİBF and coordinator of the faculty’s International Academic Relations. doctor. Kadir Ozlem, Assistant Faculty Member, Department of Political Science and Public Administration. doctor. Yasmin Kaya, faculty member in the Department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations. Member Lecture Instructor Elif Kara, Coordinator of the University’s International Academic Relations Office. be seen. During the visit, which was attended by Sefal Shaheen, issues of cooperation were discussed. Rector Professor Bo. doctor. Murshid Ahmed Saim shared his views on developing academic relations between universities to visiting academics. At the same time, the deputy mayor of the city of Plovdiv, Assoc. doctor. Asinov said that the academic cooperation will serve as a bridge between the relations between the two countries and further strengthen the relations between them.

The cooperation space will be expanded

The International Academic Relations Coordinator also visited BUU within the framework of the programme. Bulgaria A new bilateral cooperation agreement was signed between the delegation and the universities, reinforcing their commitment to cooperation and setting a framework for future joint projects. UAİK coordinator Prof. Dr. doctor. Bülent Şenay emphasized that they will immediately focus on the practical aspects of academic cooperation, including student exchanges, joint research projects and inter-university faculty collaboration. the professor. doctor. Bulent Şeni with the delegation Erasmus He added that they agreed to expand the cooperation already carried out under the project.


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