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Balkans |  Action plan with 4 articles in the fight against irregular migration from the European Union

EU Commission President von der Leyen said the EU will work in four areas to combat irregular migration: protecting external borders, increasing returns, burden-sharing among member states, and establishing close relations with partner countries.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Union Commission, spoke at a session on “Sustainable Solutions in Migration and Asylum” at the General Assembly of the European Parliament (EP), ahead of the scheduled Extraordinary Summit of EU Leaders. It was held on the 9th and 10th of February with the main agenda ‘immigration’.

Stating that there will be 330,000 irregular entries into the EU in 2022, von der Leyen said:

This represents a 64 percent increase over the previous year. The highest number since 2016. In parallel, 924,000 asylum applications were submitted across the European Union. There is no doubt that there are increasing pressures on our external borders. It is our duty to ensure that Europe remains a haven for those in need. However, the asylum or reception system in the Member States is under severe stress. The truth is that the vast majority of asylum seekers do not need protection. However, rates of return are as low as 22 percent.”

Von der Leyen stated that she would propose two areas of action, legal and operational, at next week’s extraordinary summit of EU leaders, adding: “The best response we can give would be to advance the new migration and asylum package.”

Protection of external borders

Von der Leyen states that there are 4 action points that can “make a real difference on the field” and the first of these is to strengthen the periphery.

“The most pressing problem right now is the land border between Bulgaria and Turkey,” von der Leyen said. We can strengthen borders with administrative capabilities. We can also provide infrastructure and equipment such as drones, radar and other monitoring tools. On the other hand, we can increase Frontex’s presence.” He said.

Pointing to the urgent need to address the situation of irregular migration along the Central Mediterranean route, von der Leyen said: “We need to support member states and our partners in North Africa in coordinating their search and rescue capabilities.” He said.

Von der Leyen emphasized the need to combat people-smuggling and said: “We will start a new anti-smuggling partnership with important third countries. It will bring together prosecutors and law enforcement agencies backed by Europol and Eurojust. We must say ‘stop’ to these acts of exploitation together.” Use his statements.

turns up

Von der Leyen stated that the second point was to “focus on faster, more dignified turns” and continued:

Each year, member states make about 300,000 decisions to return, but only about 70,000 actually return. Now we need to fix some shortcomings. For example, an extradition decision taken in one of the Member States must be valid in all Member States. This means that if a person extradited by Italy is found in France, that person can be extradited directly to their country of origin.”


Von der Leyen mentioned that the third point is to provide “solidarity” regarding the burden of irregular migration between member states, while addressing secondary migratory movements.

Close relationship with key partners

Expressing the need for a closer relationship with key partners, Von der Leyen said: “Opportunities for capacity partnerships, visa policy, trade and investment as well as safe and legal routes play an important role here.” Make an evaluation.


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