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Balkans |  “Agricultural Letter” from Bulgarian President Radev to the European Union Commission

The leaders of Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia have written to Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Union Commission, about measures to counter the negative effects of increased imports of agricultural products from Ukraine.

In the statement made by the Polish Prime Minister, it was indicated that the letter in question was signed by Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Romanian Prime Minister Nikolaj Ciuka and Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger.

In the letter, which stated that there are serious problems in the agricultural market due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, “These difficulties do not apply to the entire European market. The most serious problems appear in the countries bordering Ukraine or in its immediate vicinity. These problems are associated with a significant increase in the supply of Ukrainian products to the markets of EU members, especially those adjacent or directly adjacent to them.

In the letter, which indicated an “unprecedented” increase in imports of cereals, oilseeds, eggs, poultry, sugar, apple juice, blueberries, flour, honey and pasta, it was emphasized that excess grain left in warehouses caused instability. and bring additional costs to agricultural producers.

In the letter, which indicated the need to significantly increase support and financing for agriculture due to the aforementioned crises, the following was noted:

We call for the activation of additional financing sources in addition to the planned emergency measures to support agricultural producers at risk of losing financial liquidity. In addition, we call on the Commission to study the possibility of purchasing surplus grain from neighboring Member States for humanitarian purposes. We repeat our call for faster development of transport infrastructure, strengthening of communications and improvement of Black Sea and Danube port infrastructures.

The letter also detailed the measures to be taken and the expectations to be taken. He stated that the automated support mechanism for farmers should be started.

In addition, a call was made to re-implement quotas on imports from Ukraine, if it is not possible to eliminate situations that are harmful to farmers in these countries.

source: AA

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