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Balkans |  Aid campaigns continue from the Balkans for earthquake victims in Turkey

After two earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş and affected 10 provinces, relief campaigns continued in Greece, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

The Greek Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs launched a relief campaign for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

And it was announced in a statement by the ministry that the humanitarian aid collected for the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria will be sent through the Red Cross.

A call was made to collect items such as food, blankets, clothes, hygiene products, diapers and formula for the campaign.

Help continues from Bulgaria

Mehmet Ataman, regional coordinator of the Hasköy HÖH party, where Turks and Muslims live in southeastern Bulgaria, said the first trucks carrying aid from the region to Turkey are on their way.

The Ataman said: “We are racing against time. We cannot keep people who are suffering waiting, I hope any help we gather will be accepted. Our campaign is continuing at full speed.” He said.

Pointing out that at least 4 trucks will go to Turkey by tomorrow, the ataman said that all kinds of necessities such as blankets, gloves, stoves, coats, baby food and hygiene items have been loaded on trucks.

Emphasizing that all the peoples of the region mobilized to alleviate the suffering of the people in Turkey’s tragedy, the Ataman said: “Everyone is here to help, regardless of their origin, language or religion, whether they are Turks or Bulgarians.” Make an evaluation.

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev stated that Bulgaria is the first European country to help Turkey after the earthquake.

Helping one’s neighbor is our first conscientious duty. Defense Minister Dimitar Stoyanov said that a rescue team of 20 people was sent to Turkey on board a “Spartan” fighter-cargo plane.

Stoyanov explained that the medical teams will arrive tomorrow in the Adana region by plane, pointing out that two Bulgarian cargo planes, which are always responsible for transporting the teams to Turkey, are always ready.

Stating that part of Bulgaria’s aid will be offset by EU funds, Stoyanov said, “No one can think about these costs at the moment. Helping our neighbors is our first priority. Human life cannot be cut short with money, it is more valuable than anything else.” He said.

Meanwhile, associations of Turkish businessmen operating in Bulgaria, the Turkish Embassy in Sofia, the Bulgarian Red Cross Organization (BÇK) and many other non-governmental and public organizations announced bank account numbers to help Turkey and Syria.

Help earthquake victims from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

The Bosnian International Bank (BBI), one of the largest banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has sent 25 thousand euros in aid to the earthquake victims, while Bosnian Presidency Council member Denis Beserović announced that members of the Bosnian Armed Forces will send also go to Region.

As the new search and rescue team from Bosnia and Herzegovina set off this evening, the Red Cross Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina published a priority list of earthquake victims in the local language after meeting with the Turkish Red Crescent.

The Husni Humanitarian Aid Association, which also operates in Bosnia and Herzegovina, sent a mobile field clinic from the capital, Sarajevo, to earthquake victims as part of the aid.

While the aid collected throughout Montenegro was collected at Mehmet Fatih’s school, it was reported that the aid in question was ready for delivery to Turkey. Amine Skrigelj, the school’s trustee, indicated to the APS reporter that some of the collected aid was sent this morning and confirmed that the volunteers are continuing their work.


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