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Balkans |  Aid collected by Turks in Europe continues to be sent to earthquake victims

Aid collected by Turks in Europe for earthquake victims continues to be sent to the earthquake zone.

900 generators provided by the Turkish-Islamic Religious Affairs (DITIB) Hamburg State Union, with the contribution of philanthropists, were sent to the earthquake zone by plane to the 7.7 and 7.6 earthquake affected, the epicenter of which is Kahramanmaraş and affects 10 provinces in total.

The generators were loaded onto a Turkish Airlines (THY) cargo plane at Berlin Airport for delivery to Civil Aviation Administration officials in Turkey.

They are closely following the news of the earthquake area, and the generator is one of the most requested materials, especially in search and rescue operations, Mehmet Gok, Chairman of the Nordic Federation DITIB, said in a statement during the handover.

Safia Kilinc, President of the Federal Women’s Union DITIB, said: “God does not allow such great disasters to happen to our country again. Our hearts are burning, we all feel the pain of every earthquake victim in the deepest way. When we see lives being rescued from the rubble, we find some solace. We must We should all give our best support to further this consolation.” He said.


Aid materials collected by the Turks in the Netherlands are also sent to Turkey.

In-kind donations collected through campaigns launched by associations and institutions affiliated with Turks living in the Netherlands are transported to Turkey on Turkish Airlines planes.

Turkish Airlines officials stated that care is being taken that aid, which comes at the top of the list of urgent needs such as generators and heaters, be delivered to Turkey immediately, without delay.


Aid was collected to “reduce the suffering of the earthquake victims” in the city of Novi Pazar in the Sandzak region, where the majority of Muslims live.

The Novi Pazar Youth Center was filled with food, clothes, winter shoes, mattresses, blankets, tents, hygiene products, baby food and diapers.

Fikret Eminović, a beekeeper in Novi Pazar, stated that he will donate the income of all the honey he puts up for sale to the earthquake victims in Turkey.

Eminović said, “I made such a decision when I saw that aid was being collected in Novi Pazar for the earthquake-affected areas in Turkey. I wanted to help the brotherly Turkish people by selling honey.” He said.


Civil society organizations and citizens in Romania have launched relief campaigns coordinated by the Turkish Embassy in Bucharest.

Volunteers who organized in the capital Bucharest, Constanta and Cluj packed aid such as clothes, shoes, blankets and heaters which were brought separately by the donor.

Some municipalities in Romania have also launched an aid campaign for Turkey, and the Ministry of Health has launched a blood donation campaign for earthquake victims.


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