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Balkans |  Aid collected in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia went to Turkey

Trucks full of heaters and generators, which are the most necessary materials for the citizens affected by the 7.7 and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, which are described as the “catastrophe of the century”, left from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia to Turkey.

The heater, generator, blanket and sleeping bags brought by the humanitarian aid organization to the aid collection center for earthquake victims in Sarajevo were loaded onto a truck by volunteers. spokeswoman Maja Arslanacic-Khreb stated that the truck that was sent today were heaters, generators, blankets and sleeping bags, and said: “The participation in the campaign was amazing. We did not expect this much. We can say that this is the most comprehensive campaign we have done Not at all. In terms of the help being collected and the support of the volunteers.” He said.

Arslanacik-Khirbat announced the end of the aid campaign that they will organize the delivery of aid to Turkey as soon as possible.

Arslanacik-Khirbet stated that there are special problems with trucks entering the country with regard to Syria, “but we found an alternative solution to that. We are sending cash assistance.” He said.

It is scheduled that 40 trucks of aid collected from Bosnia and Herzegovina will be delivered to Turkey by the end of the week.

Aid to Turkey from the Sanjak, where the Bosnian population of Serbia densified

The 6-truck aid convoy, which was collected by Mashat Ittihad Sanjak Islamic and Tutin Municipality in Sanjak district, where the Bosnian population densely lives in Serbia, was also brought to the earthquake zone.

Sanjak Mufti Sanad Halitović stated that 4 aid trucks were collected in a very short time and said that they are with the Turkish people. The convoy, to which the municipality of Tutin sent two trucks of aid, was expelled by prayer.

Students and teachers at Novi Pazar Secondary School in Novi Pazar also raised 1,300 euros to help earthquake victims in Turkey. School principal Dzianna Razdagenac told AA that 1,300 euros in aid were collected in one day.

Aid is collected in Montenegro and Slovenia

He stated that the aid collected for earthquake victims in Montenegro, the smallest country in the Western Balkans, is close to 200,000 euros.

The Islamic Federation of Montenegro stated that the collected aid amounted to 120,000 euros, while the Montenegrin Red Cross reported that 72,000 euros worth of aid had been collected.

In the post shared on the Twitter account of the Turkish Embassy in Ljubljana, it was mentioned that aid materials collected from Slovenia were handed over to Turkish Airlines for dispatch to Turkey.

In the post, clothing and food aid were suspended for some time; It was noted that the focus was on the need for tents, blankets, sleeping bags, heaters and generators.


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