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Balkans |  Aid continues for earthquake victims in Turkey from Croatia and Serbia

New aid has been sent from Croatia and Serbia to those affected by the earthquakes that hit Kahramanmaraş on February 6.

40 containers prepared in Croatia were sent to Turkey at a ceremony in Cesik, with the participation of Turkey’s Ambassador to Zagreb Yavuz Selim Kiran, Director General of the Civil Defense Directorate of the Croatian Ministry of Interior Damir Trott and Director of Caritas Croatia Tomislav Glavnik.

“Today is an emotional day for us because the Croatian government and people have once again shown that they are with the Turkish people,” Kiran said in his statement here. He said.

Recalling that the first part of 200 containers sent by Turkey to the country in the earthquake that occurred in Croatia on December 29, 2020 arrived in Sisak, Kiran thanked the Croatian government and Caritas for their assistance.

Kiran stated that the earthquakes that hit Kahramanmaraş, which are described as the “catastrophe of the century”, once again show the importance of international solidarity, and that on the evening of the earthquake, Croatia sent a 41-strong Mediterranean urban search and rescue team. (Masar) and 7 dogs to Turkey.

Pointing out that Croatia has shown once again that it is a true friend of Turkey, thanks to the containers provided to meet the shelter needs of the earthquake victims in Turkey, Kiran stated that 30 of the 40 containers were donated by the General Directorate of Civil Defense and 10 by Caritas.

Pointing out that the containers were equipped by the decision of the Croatian government, Trott stated that the majority of the containers sent by Turkey are still used in the earthquake that occurred in their country.

On the other hand, Glavnik indicated that they feel close to the Turkish people, and that they want to show their solidarity with the Turkish people with the aid sent to Turkey, and that they have collected 550 thousand euros in relief campaigns that they organized for the victims of the disaster in Turkey and Syria.

On the other hand, the truck carrying aid collected by citizens and NGOs working in Serbia for the earthquake victims in Turkey was sent from Belgrade to Turkey.

The truck, which was equipped with in-kind aid such as heaters, blankets, clothes and food products, was sent to Turkey with the participation of Turkey’s ambassador to Belgrade, Hami Aksoy.

Aksoy said in a post on his Twitter account: “Aid continues from Serbia to our earthquake zones. Today, another truck loaded with relief materials set off from Belgrade. The in-kind aid sent from Serbia exceeded 300 tons. Thanks to all concerned.” made remarks.


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