Balkans | Aid for earthquake victims in Turkey from the “Sidi Bey” mosque community in Kosovo

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Balkans |  Aid for earthquake victims in Turkey from the “Sidi Bey” mosque community in Kosovo

People in the western Balkan countries of Kosovo and North Macedonia mobilized to help earthquake victims in Turkey.

In the “Sidi Bey” mosque in the city of Prizren, south of Kosovo, the community mobilized in the aid campaign for Turkey, which was triggered by earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 and 7.6 in Kahramanmaraş, which affected 10 provinces, and women donated their earrings and rings.

The Mufti of Prizren Province, on behalf of Berisha, announced that more than two thousand euros had been collected in a short time, through his account on social media.

Berisha shared, “Cansu Drangoy, the teacher of our women’s branch, collected 2,000 221 euros, 100 TL, two pairs of gold earrings, one gold ring and one full gold lira in one mosque and at one time for the earthquake victims. What good piety, what good solidarity !” he made remarks.

It was reported that the collected aid will be delivered to the earthquake victims in coordination with Turkish institutions and organizations in Kosovo as soon as possible.

Flowers are left in front of the Turkish Consulate General in Prizren

Various NGOs in Kosovo municipalities such as Prizren, Pristina, and Mamusa are trying to provide their assistance to the earthquake victims in Turkey through their campaigns.

In a statement to AA reporter about the aid collected by the Sympathy Association, the head of the association, Onur Kovac, said: “The people of Kosovo have been mobilized to help Turkey, both in terms of clothes and financial aid. We have collected more than 50,000 clothes, and we have also managed to collect a large amount of financial aid.” “. Use phrases.

On the other hand, flowers were placed in front of the Consulate General of Turkey in Prizren, southern Kosovo, due to the earthquakes.

At the morning sessions of the Kosovo Government and Council, a minute of silence was observed for those who lost their lives in Turkey and Syria.

Kosovo President Fyoza Osmani announced a one-day national mourning in the country due to the earthquakes that hit Kahramanmaraş.

North Macedonia

Turkish students studying in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, have launched a humanitarian aid campaign for earthquake victims.

In this context, the students set up tents in the Macedonia Square in the capital, Skopje. People bring basic necessities such as canned food, blankets, clothes, diapers and soft drinks to the tent.

While many NGOs have started fundraising campaigns for earthquake victims in Turkey, aid is also being collected at the old Turkish bazaar in the capital.

In the historic Mustafa Pasha Mosque in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, the Hatim prayer was read for the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria, who were affected by the Kahramanmaraş earthquake.

Prayers were held for the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria in the mosque where the Koran is also recited.

The program was implemented in cooperation with the Islamic Federation of North Macedonia (Religious Affairs) and the Religious Services Consulting of the Turkish Embassy in Skopje.


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