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Balkans |  Aid mobilization continues from Kosovo to the earthquake zone in Turkey

Kosovo continues to send humanitarian aid to the earthquake zone in Turkey.

Aid prepared for the earthquake victims by the foundation of the same name for the former President of Kosovo, Behgit Paculi, in cooperation with the Balkan Orphans Association, was delivered to the Sultan Murat barracks, where Turkish soldiers are stationed in Kosovo, with the participation of the Turkish ambassador. To Pristina Sabri Tunç Angılı.

Behgjet Pacolli said they will continue to work on supplying urgently needed materials.

“I assured the ambassador that we are with the Turkish nation, that we feel this pain spiritually here as well, and that we will not stop there,” Pacoli said. Use the phrase.

Ambassador Angeli expressed his gratitude for the assistance provided by the people of Kosovo.

Anjali thanked everyone for their efforts, and said, “It’s great for us that they’ve come this far in this difficult time, that they’ve been so sympathetic to us, that they’ve sent items like blankets and diapers that we desperately need right now.” He said.

Khalil Kastrati, head of the Balkan Orphans Association, pointed out that the aid is generally directed at children, and includes 6,000 blankets, more than 360,000 diapers, and a large number of shoes and clothes.

“The festival arrangement wasn’t right.”

In Mamusa, known as the only Turkish municipality in Kosovo, with a population of nearly 5,000, people mobilized to somewhat cater to the earthquake victims in Turkey.

The mayor of Mamusa, Abdülhadi Krasnik, said that after the earthquake in Turkey, the people of Mamusa organized and sent various materials to the earthquake area with nearly 90,000 euros.

Krasnick, who posted a statement on the city council’s unanimous aid decision today, used the following statements:

“As the municipality of Mamusa, we have allocated a budget of 60,000 euros to support our farmers for the Tomato Festival, which is scheduled to take place this year. It would not be appropriate for us to organize a festival while our country is going through the catastrophe of the century. We, as the administration, have found it appropriate to donate the entire budget allocated for the festival to our brothers and sisters affected by the earthquake.”

Last week, NGOs in Kosovo municipalities such as Prizren, Pristina, and Mamusa made efforts to provide their aid to the earthquake victims in Turkey through campaigns, and the collected funds and materials were sent to the earthquake area.

Kosovar President Vjosa Osmani announced that on February 8 national mourning was declared in the country due to the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş.


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