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Balkans |  Aid mobilization for the earthquake zone in Bosnia and Herzegovina begins

55 trucks of humanitarian aid collected with contributions from the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina have been sent to the earthquake zone.

At the initiative of the humanitarian aid organization called Pomozi.Ba in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an aid mobilization was launched for those affected by the earthquakes described as the “catastrophe of the century”.

In this context, 55 trucks including heaters, tents, beds, living containers, blankets, foodstuffs and hygiene products were collected.

The trucks, which set off from Bosnia and Herzegovina under the coordination of Pomozi.Ba and the Wise Women’s Association, have arrived in Turkey.

After sorting and packing, the auxiliary materials in trucks that were brought to the warehouses of the Turkish Grain Board of Edirne General Directorate began to be shipped to the earthquake area in coordination with the Disaster and Emergency Department.

“Our grandmothers brought the money they saved for Umrah and Hajj to Turkey to support them”

The federation’s coordinator in Turkey, Aylin Buyukbayrak, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they took action on the first day of the earthquake and started the largest aid campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina so far.

They received great support from the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Boyukberk stated, “Hundreds of people supported the campaign and helped with packaging and sorting. The campaign supported hundreds of companies. They donated their own products. They sent their trucks and drivers.” He said.

Buyukbark stated that the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina deeply felt the pain experienced by Turkey.

Recalling that the Bosnians, who had suffered from war in the past, rushed to Turkey’s aid, Boyukbek said:

We did not witness an earthquake, but our war lasted four years. Our nation saw and truly felt this situation and lived it again. Everyone wanted to help Turkey. We’ve seen incredible stories and we’re touched by what’s to come. The money saved for the dark days came, and our grandmothers brought the money we saved for Umrah and Hajj to Turkey for support. We are really one. Turkey always supports us and stands by us, and we will not forget it. Turkey needs help now and we are here.”

Buyukbark said they would continue to send aid trucks to both Turkey and Syria.

“Turkey has always supported us”

Maja Arslanacik Harbat, the association’s media and promotion coordinator, said she will continue to provide material and moral support to Turkey.

“We have currently sent 55 trucks to Turkey, and another 50 trucks are being prepared. Because we know very well that we are homeless, unable to find a warm home, have no clothes and no food. Turkey has always supported us and we will not forget that,” said Harbat. He said.

The President of the Wise Women’s Association, Gülçen Mete, stated that Turkey is witnessing the catastrophe of the century.

Support came from all over the world in order to heal the wounds, Mete explained, “We offer our thanks to the whole world. In addition, we received support from the Turkish republics. Azerbaijan and Sarajevo sent all their support from day one and worked with us to heal our wounds.” Use phrases.

Mitt indicated that the aid campaigns launched around the world are continuing.


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