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Balkans |  Aid sent to Turkey by land from Europe is classified in Edirne

Aid materials sent from Europe to those affected by the Kahramanmaraş earthquakes, which are described as the “catastrophe of the century”, were classified in Edirne and sent to the disaster area.

After the disaster, aid continued to arrive from many countries, especially Turks living in Europe.

Aid materials sent to Edirne by road are brought to the warehouses of the General Directorate of the Turkish Grain Board in Edirne.

The aid materials, which have been labeled and packed according to the officials here, are loaded onto trucks and shipped to the quake zone in coordination with the Disaster and Emergency Department.

Aid is sent to Edirne from Turks who live in many countries such as Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and especially Bulgaria.

Help from abroad continues

Truck driver Erkan Becker, who came from Salzburg in Austria, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he delivered the prepared truck with the help of arrivals to Edirne.

Mustafa Hamsin, who came from Salzburg, said they brought blankets, clothes, quilts and clothing items.

Expressing that the Turks who live in Europe are one heart, Hamsin said, “Our hearts are with Turkey. We will pass these days as well, we are a great nation.” He said.

Bulgaria is making efforts to speed up the passage of vehicles

Turkey’s Ambassador to Sofia Aylin Itcuk stated that the support of the Bulgarian government was great in transporting the aid.

In a statement on his social media account, Etcock stated that as a result of his meetings with the Bulgarian ministers, they received great support in the passage of vehicles carrying aid, and said:

“Some of our trucks carrying aid from Europe took the wrong way in Vidin because they did not know the exact way, they got stuck in the snowy area and risked being punished for breaking the rules. The Minister of the Interior, Demirsiev, intervened immediately at our request. The problem was solved. Our trucks drove off.

I met with Transport Minister Hristo Alexeyev to facilitate the passage of tents leaving Romania by train. The railroad designated only for these wagons was opened and free locomotives were provided. The tents arrived in Turkey without any problems. Bulgaria does not only send aid. Since it is located on the transit route, it also facilitates the passage of other aids from Europe. Over the past two days, nearly a thousand aid trucks pass through Bulgaria to Turkey every day.


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