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Balkans |  Al-Hilal provided scholarships to 25 students

The Crescent Charity Foundation has provided scholarships to 25 university students across the country.

In the statement made by Al-Hilal, the following statements were made:

Within the framework of its program activities, the Crescent Charity Foundation completed its last project for this year and distributed scholarships to 25 university students from different regions of the country.

In addition to the students, volunteers of the Crescent, heads of branches, and the honorary president, Prof. Dr. Dr. Abdul Rauf Brothi, the new Rector of Tetovo University, Prof. Dr. Kushtrim Ahmeti and Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Dr. Ibrahim Naziri attended.

Ali Sadiq, Secretary of the Crescent, inaugurated this traditional year-end meeting, which was held in the building of the Tetovo Cultural Center under the slogan “Night of Thanksgiving”. Delivered a speech by the Chairman of the Crescent Board of Directors, Dr. Bahik El Din Shehabi emphasized the importance of education and the Crescent’s contribution to education for many years, and stated that they had continued this activity without interruption by providing scholarships to students since 2005, and reviewed the activities carried out by the Crescent in 2022. He confirmed that all of them were successfully implemented.

Chairman of the Crescent Grants Authority, Prof. Dr. Etem Celadini, Prof. Dr. Dr. Abdul Rauf Brothi and President of Tetovo University Prof. Dr. Dr. Kareem Ahmadi, in their welcome speeches, emphasized the importance of student support and the motivation that scholarships provide for their education. The text of the contract signed with the students was read by Seda Ionuzzi, a former Crescent researcher and current assistant at the University of Texas. At the end of the ceremony, the students of the Music Department of the Faculty of Arts presented a program.

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