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Balkans |  Albanian coalition begins talks to join the government

Arben Tarvari, head of the Albanian opposition coalition in North Macedonia, will meet Prime Minister Dimitar Kovačevski tomorrow as part of talks to join the government.

Unwilling to explain their exact demands before the meeting, the head of the Albanian Alliance, Arben Tarvari, said that the objectives of the program would be discussed first, and if accepted by the majority, employment solutions would be discussed.

If they cannot agree on the programme, it will remain in the opposition, Tarafari said, adding that the priority for the Albanian alliance is constitutional changes, not elections.

Suggesting that no elections should be held this year, regardless of whether it enters the government or not, Taravare said, “At least, these are the recommendations of all our friends. Even if we remain in opposition, we can give this government a chance to make constitutional changes. This does not prevent us from voting on constitutional amendments again. Whether we are in the opposition or in power, we will insist on some of the demands that are on our agenda as a priority.” He said.

Prime Minister Kovaczewski confirmed that there will be a meeting with Taravari, and stated that they will discuss possible cooperation for legal and programmatic solutions that can increase the capacity of the state and parliament, and take decisions that mean the continuation of the European path.

It is stated that if Kovaczewski and Taravari agree, the Albanian alliance will get 3 ministries, two of which will be the Ministry of Justice and Health.

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