Balkans | Albanian President Begaj met with Azerbaijani President Aliyev in Baku

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Balkans |  Albanian President Begaj met with Azerbaijani President Aliyev in Baku

Albanian President Bagram Begaj met with President Ilham Aliyev in Azerbaijan, where he was to conduct official contacts.

According to the statement of the Azerbaijani presidency, Aliyev received a welcome ceremony.

The two leaders held a joint press conference after the Tet-a-Tite meeting between the two delegations.

Aliyev stated that Albania has always supported Azerbaijan in international organizations and thanked Bijaj for that.

Recalling that an anti-Azerbaijan article was to be included in the final document adopted at the recent Francophone Summit, Aliyev said that this attempt was hindered by Albania.

Aliyev stated that they discussed economic issues in addition to political issues with Bijaj, adding that “Azerbaijani investors are ready to explore serious investment projects in Albania in tourism, agriculture or other fields.” Use phrases.

Noting that they also discussed energy issues with his colleague, Aliyev said, “TAP, one of the legs of the Southern Gas Corridor, passes through Albania. Many European countries also guarantee their energy security through the Southern Gas Corridor. The numbers of these countries are increasing. Azerbaijan’s gas exports to the EU market are increasing. “Make her assessment.

Stating that they expect more EU member states to buy natural gas from Azerbaijan by the end of 2023, Aliyev said, “One of the issues discussed in our previous contacts was the gas network project in Albania and a pilot project was chosen. According to the information we received from the members The delegation today, the works are proceeding according to schedule, and we will have finished the feasibility of this project by the end of the year. After that, we will start investing immediately. Thus, the gas distribution network will be built in Albania, all of which are the capital of Azerbaijan. Share his knowledge.

“We welcome Azerbaijan’s interest in regional energy projects”

Bijaj also mentioned that Albania and Azerbaijan are closely related to each other because of their cooperation in the energy sector, and said: “TAP is a joint success story.” Share his opinion.

Noting that TAP has brought many economic and strategic benefits to Albania, Bijaj said: “The Ionian-Adriatic natural gas pipeline will further contribute to Albania’s role as a gas distributor in the region. I once again drew Aliyev’s attention that Albania is ready to take decisive steps within the framework of gas supply The country is gassed in close cooperation with Azerbaijan. Use phrases.

“It has now become a reality that Albania is a gas transit country. We set ourselves the goal of making Albania a gas receiving and transit country. Our country is determined to achieve this and to deepen its cooperation. Albania welcomes Azerbaijan’s interest in regional energy projects. This will bring the countries of the Western Balkans closer together,” Bijaj said. some and enhance its energy security.” Make an evaluation.

Stressing that he is closely following the peace negotiation process between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Bijaj said: “Albania supports and will support the establishment of a lasting peace. At the same time, Albania has always supported the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.” Share his opinion.

Bijaj stated that he also negotiated with Aliyev on the war in Ukraine and noted that both countries support Ukraine’s territorial integrity.


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