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Balkans |  Albanian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry meeting in Tirana

The meeting of the Albanian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATTSO) was held with the participation of Faruk Kaymakci, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey.

In addition to Kaymakci, Turkish Ambassador to Tirana Pilot Kacan Atay, President of ATTSO Bilal Kara, Tirana Yunus Emre Institusu, Director Umar Osman Demirbaş, Shkodra Yunus Emre Institusu, Director Zafer Keiji, Coordinator of Tika Tirana, Secretary of the meeting held in Tirana and President of Gizem attended Albanian and Turkish businessmen.

Kaymakci, in his speech here, stated that there are very close relations between Turks and Albanians.

Kaymakci said, “The presence of ATTSO is a clear indication that Turkish and Albanian businessmen can communicate with each other. Because they share many things and they have the same way of doing business. Turks want to work and help Albania.” He said.

Stating that the start of the EU accession negotiations is a very crucial process, Kaymakci said, “I wish the best for Albania and North Macedonia in all stages of the negotiations.” He said.

Referring to the phrase “Western Balkans”, Kaimki said: “This seems to separate the other part of the Balkans from Turkey. In Ankara I feel part of the Balkans. However, the European Union coined the term Western Balkans to discriminate against Turkey. We are all members of the Balkans This discrimination is artificial and useless.” Make an evaluation.

Referring to the EU-Western Balkans summit held in Tirana on December 6, Kaymakci said he congratulated Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama for organizing the summit, but the summit was held to support the EU’s six-nation trip.

Noting that he believes that the gains made in the scope of the summit are constructive not only for Albania but also for all other countries, Kaymakci continued as follows:

“But today we are 10 countries. From today on, it will be difficult to say about the Western Balkans. Where do we put Ukraine, where do we put Moldova, where do we put Georgia? Although Bosnia and Herzegovina is not officially a candidate country, we know that there are 10 countries and member states.” Potential. Everyone should be treated fairly. I think it’s best if 10 countries are together in the enlargement process and we can help each other.”

Emphasizing the importance of green and digital transformation studies, Kaymakcı stated that they have already started working in this direction.

Kaymakci said, “The visa issue is a very important issue. Turkey is the only candidate country that does not have freedom of movement in the Schengen area and this creates an unfair situation for our businessmen,” he said.

“Albania has become one of Turkey’s largest partners”

President Atsu Kara also stated that the foundation he heads strongly supports cooperation between the two countries.

Kara said, “There is a strong relationship between Albania and Turkey that goes back centuries and continues today. Albania has become one of Turkey’s largest partners and many Turkish investors have come to Albania to invest.” He said.

Bilal Kara emphasized that Atsu, which he describes as a trade bridge between the two countries, will continue its activities in terms of bilateral trade, mutual investment and increasing job opportunities.


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