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Balkans |  Although Mitsotakis leads the elections in Greece, voters will go to the polls for the second time

And although the New Democracy Party, led by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, was unable to reach the average number of votes to come to power alone in the elections held yesterday, it rose from the polls after a four-year term in office.

With the 50 seats awarded to the first party in the 300-seat parliament, New Democracy came to power alone in the July 2019 general election, winning 158 seats with 39.85 percent of the vote.

Mitsotakis party gained 146 seats by increasing its votes to about 41 percent in yesterday’s elections, as the system was changed and the practice of granting additional seats to the first party was abolished, but it aims to return voters to the polls. strength alone.

According to the election results, New Democracy failed to secure a sufficient majority in parliament to form a government on its own.

In the new electoral system, if a coalition cannot be formed and at the second ballot box, no less than 20 seats must be awarded to the first party, provided that the voting rate exceeds 25 percent; For every 0.05 percent increase in the voting rate exceeding 25 percent, an additional parliamentary seat is envisaged. This number can reach 50.

Mitsotakis is preparing to go to the polls for the second time to take power on his own

In this situation, Mitsotakis has two options. Going to a coalition that provides the five seats needed to form the government, or going to the ballot box for the second time and filling the additional seats expected for the first party and reaching power on its own.

Mitsotakis, in his statement after the first unofficial results were announced last night, interpreted the ballot box result as the people’s desire for a strong government. Mikotakis said that he will carry out the coalition-building process stipulated in the constitution, “We are starting to work towards the elections that start tomorrow.” In saying that, he had already ended the coalition process before it even began.

Commenting on the public’s support for the new democracy, Mitsotakis commented that he indicated that “the government wants to continue its work.” He said.

The New Democracy Electoral Triumph in Press

In pre-election polls, New Democracy was the first party and the main opposition Radical Left Alliance (SYRIZA) was the second, but the difference was limited to 6-8 percent.

Ballot box results showed that this difference was about 20 percent.

As far as New Democracy’s victory was concerned, the drop in Syriza’s votes was also noteworthy.

Syriza’s share of the vote, which was 31.53 percent in the July 2019 general election, has fallen to 20 percent after four years of main opposition.

The New Democracy Party was the leading party in 58 out of 59 constituencies across the country. Only in the Rhodope region, which includes Komotini, has SYRIZA finished ahead.

The Greek press commented that “Mitsotakis won” the election results, with New Democracy getting twice the vote rate of Syriza.

The Kathimerini newspaper ran the headline “Mitsotakis wins, Syriza falls”.

While Ta Nea used the headline “Mitsotakis and the Rule of the New Democracy”, the subheading included “Syriza and the Collapse of Alexis Tsipras”.

The newspaper Apogeumatini used the phrases “giant victory of the new democracy”, the newspaper Manifesto “a strong mission for Mitsotakis for a second term”, and the political newspaper “Mitsotakis” a victory, the collapse of Tsipras” in its headlines.

On the other hand, the pro-Syrian Avgi newspaper put the headline “Change for the Next Challenge” on its black-coloured home page, and carried the assessment that the outcome was too negative for Syrza.

Four bumpy years

Mitsotakis’ government has faced many unexpected problems since the day it came to power.

The Covid-19 pandemic, the post-war energy crisis in Ukraine and the associated economic problems, forest fires, floods, the problem of irregular migrants, the train accident that killed 57 people, repeatedly rising tensions with Turkey and snowfalls left thousands stranded. Vehicles on the highway, and these were just some of the problems encountered during the rule of the New Democracy.

Faced with many problems during his four-year rule, New Democracy asked voters, “Tsipras or Mitsotakis?” Ask the question.

Syriza, which came to power by saying that it opposes signing memorandum agreements with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund during the economic crisis, signed the memorandum even though the people rejected the memorandum. In the 2015 referendum, she could not convince voters.

Entering the 2019 elections as the Movement for Change Coalition (KINAL), PASOK participated in the 2023 elections under the name of the PASOK-KINAL Coalition. The coalition increased its share of the vote from 8.10 to 11.46 percent.

One of the differences between the results of the 2019 and 2023 elections was the number of parties that entered Parliament. While 6 parties entered Parliament in 2019, the number of parties that entered Parliament in the 2023 elections remained at 5.

post-election process

Although New Democracy outperformed its closest competitors by a large margin, it did not have the opportunity to govern alone.

According to the constitution, the president is expected to give three days to the three parties that received the most votes in the elections, respectively, according to the average number of votes they received, but after Mitsotakis’ statement yesterday that winked at the ballot. For the second time, all three parties in the Greek press have been asked to form a coalition of the president, and assessments are being made that he will give the job back the day they take office.

Disappointment and a signal of change in Syriza

“The election result is very negative for Syriza,” said Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras. He said.

Noting that he had phoned Mitsotakis and congratulated him, Tsipras said, “There are victories and defeats in racing.” He said.

Syriza’s party organs will meet immediately and evaluate the results, Tsipras said in his statement, “The election process is not over yet, as the ballot box will be held for the second time. We must immediately make all the necessary changes to achieve the best possible result in the upcoming decisive and final electoral race.” made remarks.


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