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Balkans |  An investigation has been opened against Dodek

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina has opened an investigation against Bosnian Serb politician Milorad Dodik, who denied the Srebrenica genocide.

After investigation within the framework of the law, the authorized public prosecutor will decide whether an indictment should be prepared against Dodek.

Dodik has publicly denied the genocide in Srebrenica on multiple occasions since Valentin Enzko, the former High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, passed a law banning genocide denial.

At a press conference in Banca Luka on 21 February, Dodik denied the genocide in Srebrenica and said that “everyone in Republika Srpska knows it”.

What happened in Srebrenica?

After the occupation of Srebrenica by Serb forces led by Ratko Mladić on 11 July 1995, Bosniak civilians who had taken refuge with Dutch soldiers inside the UN were handed over to the Serbs.

Allowing women and children access to the area controlled by Bosniak soldiers, the Serbs massacred no fewer than 8,372 Bosniak men in forest areas, factories, and warehouses. The Bosnian dead were buried in mass graves.

After the war, the victims whose bodies were found were buried in mass graves in an effort to find the missing in a ceremony held at the Potocari Memorial Cemetery on 11 July each year after their identification.

While there are 6,671 graves of genocide victims at Potocari Memorial Cemetery, that number will rise to 6,721 on July 11.

source: Balkan News

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