Balkans | Artisans from Edirne learn Bulgarian at the course inaugurated by ETSO

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Balkans |  Artisans from Edirne learn Bulgarian at the course inaugurated by ETSO

Traders are showing particular interest in the Bulgarian language course, which was opened in cooperation with the Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ETSO) and the Regional Directorate of National Education.

The increase in the number of Bulgarian tourists coming to the border city of Edirne has led many merchants in the city to either learn Bulgarian or hire Bulgarian-speaking staff.

Managers of companies exporting to Bulgaria also want to learn the language of the neighboring country in order to strengthen business relations.

Interest in open courses is also growing in the city.

Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry decided to open a course to increase the ability of its members to do business.

Sezay Irmak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ETSO, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Edirne, which borders Bulgaria and Greece, is in a strategic location from a commercial point of view.

Ermak pointed out that the members of the Chamber are exporting to neighboring countries and many tourists come to Edirne for shopping and weekends from neighboring countries. Exports and trade with neighboring countries are gaining importance to the economy of our province. While shopping, our members informed our room that they needed a Bulgarian language course in order to better communicate with tourists,” he said.

Ermak stated that there has been a high demand since the announcement of the course and 55 people attended the courses.

Ermak pointed out that the courses, which have been going on 3 days a week since February, will last 136 hours, and thanks to this language course, they aim to strengthen the role of our members in the economic field and expand their business scope. activities and support them to cross borders.” He said.

Bulgarian teacher Mustafa Akan also said that the trainees are interested in the Bulgarian language.

Many Bulgarians came to Edirne, Akan said, “We have to answer them in some way. It is necessary to communicate not only here, but also when you go there. Knowledge of the Bulgarian language provides great convenience in communication. Merchants and businessmen prefer the course to do their jobs more comfortably There are businessmen, doctors, merchants, and teachers from all walks of life.” He said.

Merv Keskin Erim, one of the trainees, also mentioned that she wants to attend a Bulgarian course because the company she works for has one foot in Bulgaria.

Indicating that he would prefer the course to learn an additional language and work, Erim said, “We learned to read. I hope we can talk soon.” He said.

Fatih Simin, a mechanical engineer, said he went to Bulgaria to work and to meet with his friends, so he decided to learn Bulgarian.

Expressing his desire to evaluate the training course opened in cooperation with ETSO and the General Education Center, Çimen indicated that learning a new language would benefit my personal development.

Mustafa Gül also mentioned that when he went to Bulgaria, he attended the course to explain his problems and keep himself mentally fit.


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