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Balkans |  Assistance continues from Greece for the earthquake zone

The Social Aid Association and the Search and Rescue Team of Lesbos, Greece sent two trucks of aid to Ayvalık for earthquake-affected disaster victims on February 6.

From the first day of the earthquake, Greece has provided support for search and rescue efforts in the area, as well as humanitarian aid.

Under the leadership of the Halandri Municipality of Lesbos, the All Aid Solidarity Association and the Greek Search and Rescue Association Lesvos branch entered the city of Ayvalık through the sea border gate.

The Deputy Mayor of Ayvalık Tuli Çankaya welcomed the delegation, which was headed by the Deputy Mayors of Halandri Municipality Elena Kristoli and Christina Maksira, the Directors of the Solidarity Association for All Aid Manolis Sazis and Georgos Sazdedakis, who came with two trucks of humanitarian aid, in addition to the Greek Search and Rescue Association Lesvos Branch President Zoi Livalitou.

Halandri’s deputy mayor, Elena Kristolli Sniparski, told reporters that the Greek people strongly support the collection of materials contributed by the Aegean Communications Association.

Pointing out that the Greco-Turkic peoples are very close to each other, Sazis said, “We have seen very clearly that in schools in Greece and Lesbos, parents collect their donations sincerely and ask each other what organization we can send these collected materials to Turkey with. As a Greek people, they will Our support continues.” He said.

On the other hand, Levaletto expressed his great sadness due to the earthquakes.

“The homeless have very difficult living conditions,” Levaletto said. For this reason, we are trying to do our best to support the friendly Turkish people in the difficult circumstances there,” he said.

Ayvalık Deputy Mayor Tuli Çankaya expressed their great interest in the friendship on both sides of the Aegean Sea and thanked the Greek people for their help.

After the speeches, the parcels containing tents, clothes, medicines, sanitary items and durable foodstuffs were loaded onto two trucks allocated by Balikesir Municipality and Ayvalık Chamber of Fruit and Vegetable Producers Elmas Özmen and sent to the earthquake zone.


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