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Balkans |  Attack on Kosovar Prime Minister Kurti

During the plenary session of the Kosovo General Assembly, while Prime Minister Albin Kurti was giving a speech at the podium, a fight broke out and fists were clench.

A fight broke out during the tense parliamentary session, after the disclosure of the audio recording of secret conversations between the head of the Vetevendosje parliamentary group Mimoza Kusari Lila and the head of the parliamentary group of the Serbian list Slavko Simic.

During Prime Minister Albin Kurti’s speech on the subject in parliament, PDK deputy Ganemet Musliu left Kurti’s photo on the podium where the phrase Zdravo (hello) was in Serbian. Then Deputy Prime Minister Basnik Bislemi took the picture and tore it up. A few seconds later, PDK deputy Mirgem Lushtako threw water at Prime Minister Kurti. While Finance Minister Hecuran Moratti was trying to prevent the accident from happening, a fight broke out. The deputies of the governor and the opposition got into a fistfight.

While Prime Minister Corti was suddenly in the thick of the fight, his bodyguards came to his aid.

When Parliament Speaker Glauc Konjovka could not calm the deputies down, he called the police.

source: Kosovaport

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