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Balkans |  Austria and Serbia are discussing an agreement with Kosovo on the normalization process

Austrian Foreign Minister Aleksander Schallenberg and Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic discussed the verbal agreement reached on March 18 in Ohrid, North Macedonia, on the normalization of relations between Pristina and Belgrade.

At the press conference held after the meeting, Schallenberg said that the integration of the Western Balkan countries, including Serbia, into the European Union is very important for them from a geopolitical point of view.

Noting that this visit was very valuable, especially at a time when positive news came from the region, Schallenberg expressed his pleasure that a consensus had been reached between Pristina and Belgrade on defining a roadmap within the scope of normalization after a long period. And tedious process.

There will be long and difficult negotiations, but I think that the agreement in principle gives a very important and valuable signal. Therefore, I congratulate Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic for his ratification of the agreement.” Schallenberg said that this is not an easy decision, but a very necessary step.

There is no alternative to this middle ground.

Stressing that normalization between Kosovo and Serbia will lead to relaxation for the entire region, Schallenberg said, “There is no alternative to the agreement that was put forward, and this is fully supported by our friends in the European Union and the United States, so there is no alternative to it.” Share his opinion.

Referring to Serbia’s stance on the war between Russia and Ukraine, Schallenberg stated that it was important for Belgrade to condemn Moscow for the war, and said, “We hope that Serbia will also participate in the implementation of sanctions. Whoever wants to be a member of the European Union cannot stay away from the issue of politics.” This major external. He said.

Serbian Foreign Minister Dacic stated that there is a regular political dialogue between the two countries, and that next year will mark the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries, and that they want to commemorate this anniversary with joint activities in this context.

Noting that there has been a decrease in the number of illegal immigrants in line with some steps taken by Austria, Hungary and his country, Dacic stressed that illegal immigrants from European Union member states come to Belgrade, and stressed that his country does not want a parking lot. For illegal immigrants, joint steps should be taken in these and similar issues.

Pointing out that EU membership is a priority for his country, Dacic said that the most important issue in the talks between Kosovo and Serbia is the method of dialogue and reconciliation, and President Vucic’s step towards the normalization process is very valuable.

Serbia will not recognize Kosovo

Dacic stated that the agreement reached between the two parties is not an agreement to recognize Kosovo and said, “We will implement the proposal made by Europe up to our red lines. This means: we will not recognize Kosovo and we will not accept Kosovo’s membership in the United Nations.” He said.

Indicating that Serbia hopes to open new negotiations on the way to European Union membership with this agreement, Dacic said that his country did not implement European Union sanctions against Russia, but despite that, its trade relations with Moscow declined, but the volume of trade for some members of the European Union increased. Countries that have implemented sanctions with Russia in the process.


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