Balkans | Bağ-lar Magazine, published under the auspices of YTB, was presented in Skopje

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Balkans |  Bağ-lar Magazine, published under the auspices of YTB, was presented in Skopje

Baglar, a journal of literature, thought and culture, published under the auspices of the Presidency of Overseas Turks and Related Communities (YTB), was presented in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia.

YTB ​​President Abdullah Eren and his accompanying delegation attended the program held in Korsunlu Han in Skopje’s Old Bazaar, Turkey’s Ambassador to Skopje Hasan Mehmet Itcuk, Chairman of the Turkish Democratic Party (TDP) in North Macedonia, Deputy Pekan Ilyas, representatives of the Turkish National Unity Movement (TMBH), representatives of the Turkish Court of Macedonia Saldağan Sarach, former President of the Court of Turkish Macedonia Saldağan Sarach, and former President of the Court of Turkish Macedonia. .

Before the program, the guests visited Sultan Abdulhamit Han’s photography exhibition on “The Balkans” from Yildiz Albums. Afterwards, Scooby artist Genghis Abraham gave a guest concert, and the magazine’s promotional video was shown.

YTB ​​President Eren, in his speech here, touched on the relationship of the Ottoman Empire with the Balkan countries.

Noting that there was a paradigm shift in Turkey’s foreign policy in the early 2000s, Eren said that more realistic and tangible steps were taken in Turkey’s relations with its neighbors.

Eren explained that great developments took place in relations targeting the Balkans, especially in the past twenty years under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and said, “Our relations with the countries of the region have moved to a high level in all fields of politics, economy and culture.” He said.

Stating that YTB, TIKA, Yunus Emre Institute, Turkish Knowledge Foundation, General Directorate of Institutions, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all non-governmental organizations in Turkey are working hard to ease longing and longing for Turkey and the Balkans, Eren said: “Today, we see that with Turkey’s foreign policy, with Balkan policy, ensuring stability and peace is one of the most important needs of the Balkans. He used the phrase.

Eren mentioned that they host 100 students from the region to Turkey through Turkish Scholarships every year, and that they organize educational activities for 1,500 students in 8 countries with the Balkan Youth School.

Referring to the Bağ-Lar Magazine, Eren said that Albanian, Bosnian and Macedonian youth wrote articles in Turkish in the magazine that they are about to publish the fourth issue of.

Pointing out that they had 8-9 writer meetings from Xanthi to Komotini, from Kardzhali to Prizren, Eren pointed out that the Bağ-lar magazine was presented in this way.

The word “homeland” has sad connotations for the people of this geography.

Ambassador Itcock emphasized that the Balkan region has been adorned with Turkish culture, art, Turkish and Turkish traditions for centuries.

Noting that the cities of Rumelia, from Skopje to Thessaloniki, from Sarajevo to Prizren, and from Plovdiv to Manastir, are “the springs that nourish and keep Turkish culture alive,” Jake uses the following phrases:

“In the third issue of the Bağ-lar magazine, which was presented today, our young writers from all over the Balkans deal with the theme of ‘homeland’. The word ‘homeland’ also has sad connotations for the people of this geography, because since the beginning of the 20th century, first the Turks in Rumelia, then the Bosnians and Albanians left their homes and homelands and settled in Turkey.”

Noting that those who remained in the region had experienced great hardships and had kept their identity, culture and language alive, Erskok emphasized that they had ensured the continuation of strong relations with Turkey.

Emphasizing that they attach importance to the wide implementation of Turkish mother tongue education, which is a constitutional right, in North Macedonia, Etcuk said, “Unfortunately, there are some regions that are still not able to benefit from the right to education in Turkish. We expect to meet the demands of opening Turkish language classes here.” He said.

Referring to Birlik, the first Turkish newspaper that started to be published in North Macedonia in 1944, Eightkök mentioned that Birlik newspaper pioneered many publishing activities until the reading of Yucelciler’s books in the Turkish alphabet and the first Turkish broadcast on Radio Skopje.

Itcock mentioned that Baglar magazine creates a good environment that supports the training of new writers in the Balkans, meeting old and young writers, preserving Turkish and Turkish culture, and thanking everyone who provided this environment.

The “Turkish Literature in the Balkans” symposium was held before the promotional program in two sessions.

In the first session, the North Macedonian poet and writer Mumin Ali, the importance of Turkish written media in the Balkans as a bearer of Turkish literature, the poet and writer, editor of the Kubro magazine, Muhammad Aref, Turkish poetry in the Balkans, d. Presentations by Seyhan Murtazan Ebrahimi, Turkish Publishing House in the Balkans, and Aziz Nazmi Saqr Tash from Bulgaria, The Importance of Translation for Turkish Literature in the Balkans.

In the second session, Mopra Karaday from Western Thrace, The Role of Turkish Literature in Civil Society Activities in the Balkans, Poet and Writer Leyla Sherif Emin, Editor-in-Chief of Kopro Magazine from North Macedonia, gave presentations on Being a Turkish Writer in the Balkans / Relationship between Literature and Geography, Children’s Literature in the Balkans, Balkan Turkish Literature, Balkan Turkish Literature Zeynel Alkans Editor-in-Chief.

Berru Emin from Skopje, one of the editorial board members and writers of Bağ-lar Magazine, gave information about his work. A symposium was also held on “Turkish Literature in the Balkans” with the participation of various authors from the countries of the region.

source: AA

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