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Balkans |  Baglar magazine was introduced in Western Thrace

The Bağlar Literacy Meeting, published in YTB format, was held at the Xanthi Turk Consortium and at the BİHLİMDER Cultural Center in Komotini.

The Xanthi Literacy Meeting of Bağlar Magazine, one of the important channels of Turkish literature in the Balkans which is published under the auspices of the Presidency of Overseas Turks and Related Communities (YTB), was held in a cordial atmosphere.

University students and literature lovers showed great interest in the event held at Xanthi Turkic Union.

Among those who have followed the program in Xanthi are the Turkish Consul General in Komotini Aykut Unal, Xanthi Mufti Mustafa Tramba, President of the Turkish Xanthi Federation Ozan Ahmetoglu, Candidate Mayor of Mustafçova Cemil Kapza and many university students.

The first in the event Ozan Ahmetoglu, President of ITB a promise. Ahmet Oglu expressed his happiness to host such an event.

who spoke later Ali Jake, Editor-in-Chief of Baghlar Magazine Explain the founding phase of the journal. In essence, he explained the unity of the like-states living in the Balkan states and their relations with each other, and stated that Bagh-Lar also includes the ties of the like-states with each other and their relations with the homeland.

Ali Cik, editor-in-chief of Baghlar magazine, emphasized the necessity of conveying the issue of literature in writing and stated that oral culture had disappeared with the passage of time.

speaking at the event Aykut Onal, Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Komotini Expressing that the Turkish Xanthi Federation hosts many stories, he said that many of the pictures hanging on the walls have a story and that some of these stories are known by those sitting in the front rows of the hall, but the young people sitting in the back rows must also learn these stories and pass them on to future generations .

Consul General Unal drew attention to the importance of young people being more active in the community, stating that it would be possible to pass on the memory and stories of the community to future generations with the knowledge of history and the necessary research. Consul General Unal stated that they continue to follow the youth’s work with appreciation.

speaking at the event The magazine’s editorial coordinator, Hossein Mehmit He stated that he believed that the Western Turkish Thrace Society had serious knowledge in the field of literature, and that they looked forward to the stories and efforts of young friends in this sense.

Finally in action Müberra Karadayı and Beyzanur Imam, co-authors of Xanthi’s Bag-Lar Journal a promise.

Muberra Karadayi Stating that writing is the work of a restless person, he stated that people feel the need to tell something from birth and that this begins with crying and continues to develop over time throughout life. Karady spoke to the magazine about the workshops he attended during the writing process.

Bizanur Imam On the other hand, he stated that his magazine adventure, which he started with Ilıca magazine, continued with Fiyaka and then Bağ-lar. Imam stated that writing in the academy can limit people, but there is no such thing in literary media like Bağ-lar. He stated that he would continue to write in order to keep our existence and our identity alive, to preserve our bonds with each other, the Balkans and Mother Turkey.

Mustafa Trampa, Mufti of Xanthi, who took the last floor at the event He stressed that such studies are important for both Western Thrace and Xanthi. Trumpa pointed out that these literary works, poems and stories add important meanings to the values ​​of society, noting that such studies play a leading role in transmitting these values ​​that keep society alive to future generations. Mufti Trampa stated that it is also important that this event is held in the Xanthi Turkish Union, which we call the “House of Xanthi Culture”.

Komotini Promotion Program

The Baglar Magazine Readers Meeting and Promotion Program, which was launched by Bağlar Magazine with the support of the Presidency of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism for Overseas Turks and Related Communities (YTB), for the Balkan countries, was held on Thursday, July 13, 2023 in Komotini.

In the program held at the Alumni Cultural Center of Western Thrace Imam Hatip High School (BIHLİMDER) in Komotini, the authors of the association made the speech and delivered a speech.

At the event that took place yesterday, Merv Hassan identified Baglar Magazine, which serves its readers with its literary, intellectual and cultural content.

After that, BIHLİMDER President Mehmet Emin Ahmed made the speech and delivered the opening speech. Pre-program attendees shared their ideas by greeting the speakers.

Continuing the program, Ali Işık, Editor-in-Chief of Baglar Magazine, took the floor. Ishi received Western Thrace partners involved in the promotion, conveyed the greetings of Abdullah Eren, President of Turks Abroad and Related Communities, and others, and then talked about YTB’s work in the field of literature and the importance of the magazine in the Balkans.

After that, one of the authors of Bağlar Magazine, Esma Deli Hasan, gave speeches in the field of short stories, Melis Deli Hasan gave speeches in articles, and Seda Bakaman in the workshops they attended online.

In the final part of the program, the editor-in-chief and the writers answered the questions posed.

The successful promotion program was completed with the closing speech by Mehmet Emin, President of BIHLİMDER.


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