Balkans | Bakassitas, the Greek player of Trabzonspor, spoke before the Fenerbahçe match: Every derby is important

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Balkans |  Bakassitas, the Greek player of Trabzonspor, spoke before the Fenerbahçe match: Every derby is important

The Greek player of Trabzonspor, Anastasios Bakasitas, said that the Fenerbahçe match is important and that they also want to win this match.

Bacacitas answered reporters’ questions before training the Burgundy Blue team, which continues its preparations for the Ziraat Cup match against Yilburt Samsunspor.

The Blue Burgundy footballer stated that they had had a good period of preparation for themselves and said: “We had some difficulties in terms of result and performance in the last matches before we got into the league. We had a good chance to correct our mistakes and improve them. I think we did a good job for us and our teacher. I think we More prepared for the remaining tough matches.” He said.

Bakacitas emphasized that the cup match is also important, “If you play in a team like Trabzonspor, if you want to win all the titles. Therefore, the cup match is also important. The Fenerbahçe match is also an important match. Every derbies are important, especially. We want to win this match as well. We do in all the other matches. We know it will be a decisive match. There are 6 points now, if we win it will drop to 3. It means a match. We have to work hard and do our best to win.” Use the phrase.

“I don’t limit myself”

Pakasitas also said the following about the award for the best Greek player playing abroad that he received in Greece last season:

“I am a person who always likes to push boundaries and push forward. I am ambitious, and always try to do better. I try to improve myself, and I would like to thank the Trabzonspor family, players and technical team in this regard. They help me every time since day one to improve myself. I want to Always the best for myself and the team. I don’t set limits on myself, the goals are endless, if you want to win every League Cup. In this sense, I try to do my best for my team and Trabzonspor.”

The Greek footballer emphasized that they learned from their mistakes:

“We are all human beings, we can make mistakes. We just play football. In this sense, we especially need to be able to be critical of ourselves. Not only the coach, but the players must also be critical and improve themselves. We are aware that we played last month Worse than we have played in the last 1.5 years. We have worked well during the preparation period. I think we will be effective in possession of the ball, finding the opportunity and facing the opponent. If we talk about the easy goals we conceded after 2-0 in the Konya game, we made a mistake “And we have to fix it. It’s not on a player basis, it’s a situation that concerns the whole team. Attack starts from defense and defense starts from attack. We fixed our mistakes. We talked a lot among ourselves. The boss of the team is the coach, and he knows everything. He said the same things he said in front of the press In the locker room. We have to work harder and be firm.”

“We were happy with Ciops because Argentina won”

And about the pictures of joy with Siops on social media after Argentina won the World Cup final, Bacasitas said: “It’s not about Messi, I really love Argentina. I love his passion and his approach to football. We are also lucky, we had the opportunity to watch the match on this Grammar. I can say it was one of the best matches in the history of football. We were happy for Ciops because Argentina won.” He said.

Regarding the fact that the fans did not show much interest in the matches this season, the Greek footballer said:

“I think it’s because of the financial problems people have all over the world. It’s too early to talk about the league. Last year we played unbeaten for a long time, losing only two games. Teams have difficult periods as well as successful periods. This year, we played in different lanes I can’t say about the fans’ hatred for the football we play, but there is an economic crisis around the world. We need them, they become an extra force. They were a great support last year, if they come, they will help us. Not only did we win the cup, the technical team, we won It’s all together. The difference between us and the leader in Turkey is very short. Except for last year, you never know he’ll be the champion in Turkey, it might be closed.”

Regarding the absence of new stars in the World Cup, Bacasitas said: “There is no personal structure suitable for this in the new generation. No stability, no discipline. It is difficult to reach the highest level. What Messi and Ronaldo have done for 15 years is amazing. It is difficult to be better. It requires It’s a talent to be at that level.” He concluded.


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