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Balkans |  Balkan Youth Participate in “Live the Elections” Program

Young people from the Balkan countries North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Serbian Sanjak region are taking part in “Live the Elections” – the program of the Turkish Century organized by the Istanbul Regional Youth Branch of the Justice and Development Party (AKP).

Students of Köprü and Vizion-M Associations from North Macedonia, SDA Youth Branches from Bosnia and Herzegovina and SDA Youth Branches in Sanjak are participating in the “Live The Election” – Turkey Century program organized by the Istanbul Province Youth Branch of the AKP.

In the statement made by the Korup federation, the following statements were made:

Our volunteers participate in the “Live the Elections” programme.

On the first day of the “Live the Elections” program organized by our association board member Seyyed Emin and our youth members, AKP Youth Branch, Minister of Interior and Deputy Candidate of the 2nd District of the AKP in Istanbul Mr. Suleyman met Soylu for breakfast.

Skopje patterned carpet was presented to Mr. The support of Macedonia and the Balkans was transferred to Suleyman Soylu.

Later in the day, the Topkapi Palace Museum, Hagia Sophia Mosque and Turkish Islamic Arts Museum are visited.

“Live the election” day two

The opening meeting and meeting of the program “Live the Elections” – Turkey is a Century was organized by the Regional Youth Branch of the AKP in Istanbul with the participation of our volunteers and youth from other Balkan countries.

In his opening speech, Board Member Mr. Amin emphasized the importance of the May 14 elections with regard to North Macedonia and the Balkans.

Later in the day, AKP co-founder and former MP Hüseyin Kansu and Istanbul Provincial Chairman Mehmet Cem Cekerik gave information about the election atmosphere in Turkey.

After that, the students gave presentations about their countries.

After that, the Rami Library and Ayoub Sultan Municipality, which were opened in the last period, were visited.

At dinner, the late Dr., who has been campaigning for democratic rights for Greece’s Western Thrace Muslim-Turkish minority for years. We met up with Sadiq Ahmed’s wife, Ishik Ahmed.

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