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Balkans |  Bayburt University in the international exhibition held in Kosovo

Bayburt University, which participated in the exhibition organized within the framework of the 4th International Staff Week, hosted by Universum College in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, and attended by 71 academics from 41 universities in 18 European countries, became the center of attention of high school and university students.

From Bayburt University, Dr. Member coach Gokhan Kumor and Dr. Coach The Personnel Week, which its member Savaş Keskin attended within the scope of the Erasmus KA171 program, witnessed many events with opening performances, workshops and promotion exhibition. Bayport University, which was presented with the participating universities in the inaugural session, has attracted attention with its athletic, social and project-oriented achievements. After the opening session, the university rector, Prof. Dr. doctor. Mutlu Türkmen Painting and Local Woven ehram Shawl Gifts Presented to Universum College Rector Prof. It was presented to my brother, Jerkory Resheti. Expressing his satisfaction with the gifts and dialogue between the two universities, University President Grigory Rishti added that they would like to achieve the cooperation they want to establish with Bayburt University as soon as possible.

In the workshop held at the end of the opening session, while workshops on sustainable development goals were organized, Adel representatives shared the quality and integrated system approach developed by Bayport University as a solution to many problems.

On the last two days of the week, the stands opened by the actors participating in the exhibition, which was held at university campuses in Pristina and Verizaj, received great interest from Kosovo students. While the students, who have a special interest in Turkey, used Turkish words that they learned through cultural diplomacy and TV series, they used a lot of love words. The students, who asked a lot of questions about Bayburt University’s departments, programs, and social life opportunities, said they would follow Bayburt University closely.

Dr. made. Instructor member Gökhan Komur said, “The strong relationship between Kosovo and Turkey that goes back to historical roots brings us closer culturally. The internationalization policy of our university focuses on the universities of countries with which Turkey has built bridges. In this regard, Kosovo is a special country where we want to be in more cultural exchange We believe that the great interest shown by secondary and higher education students studying at Bayburt and Universum College in our position will be effective during their periods of preference. We aim to expand the cultural and historical partnership between the two countries through mutual student exchange. We hope the next meeting will be in Bayburt.” He said.

source: Drones

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