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Balkans |  Belgrade-Pristina dialogue meeting in Ohrid

The high-level meeting of the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue was held in Ohrid, hosted by North Macedonia.

Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti, President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic, EU High Representative for Foreign Relations and Security Policy Josep Borrell and EU Special Representative for the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue Miroslav Lajcak attend meetings mediated by the European Union (EU).

North Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski and North Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski welcomed the participants who came to Ohrid.

“I am honored and pleased to host the high-level meeting of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, which was held in Ohrid, Republic of North Macedonia, led by Serbian President Vucic and Kosovar Prime Minister Albin Kurti,” Kovaczewski said in a press conference. He said.

In the context of his sharing of information that the dialogue meetings held in this context are still ongoing, Kovacevsky stated that he had met separately with Vucic and Corti before the dialogue meetings, and wished them success.

Kovaczewski encouraged the parties to be constructive and have a productive day, and said, “I personally wanted to stress the importance we attach to this meeting as the neighboring country of Serbia and Kosovo.” He said.

Stating that the place for the Western Balkans is the European Union, Kovaczewski said, “Now is the time to accelerate the process of integration in the entire Western Balkans.” He rated it.

Noting that Macedonia is a highly respected partner in the international community, Kovacevsky said: “North Macedonia was not chosen by chance as the host for this dialogue. Today Macedonia is known as a respected partner of the international community and an important factor in the stability of the region.” Use phrases.

The EU representatives are expected to meet separately with Kurti and Vucic during the day, followed by a joint meeting.

Share the dialogue from Stoltenberg

In his post on social media, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stressed the importance of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina for the entire region.

Stoltenberg made the following statements in his post:

The EU-mediated talks in Ohrid are important. I expect Vucic and Kurti to meet constructively and make progress. This is the key to the lasting stability and European and Euro-Atlantic future of the region. NATO’s Kosovo Peacekeeping Force continues to work for a stable and peaceful Kosovo.”

The last EU-mediated meeting between Kurti and Vucic took place in Brussels on 27 February.

Serbia and Kosovo, which clash periodically, are trying to find a common way to normalize relations, and eventually the two countries get to know each other, within the scope of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue process initiated in 2011 and mediated by the European Union.


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