Balkans | Beserović: “Dodik is a threat to security and must be stopped”

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Balkans |  Beserović: “Dodik is a threat to security and must be stopped”

Denis Besirovic, a Bosnian member of the Bosnian Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik, one of the two entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina that did not deviate from the agenda with his separatist rhetoric, is a “security threat” and must be stopped absolutely.

Beserovic, who made official contacts in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, held a joint press conference with Croatian President Zoran Milanovic.

Noting that they discussed resolving current problems with Croatia, security problems and economic cooperation in the region, Beserović said, “The citizens of the two countries get along very well, and I personally would like the politicians to go on this path. We cannot mutually agree on it.” He said.

Regarding Dodik, who said he would separate Republika Srpska from Bosnia and Herzegovina at every opportunity recently, Bešerović said, “Dodik who works against the state, threatens security and must be stopped. Despite Republika Srpska’s different position, BiH’s path to NATO membership is not without doubt.” He said.

– Croatian leader says Dodik is not a security threat

Expressing that De Dudek is the official representative of the entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Milanovic said, “Someone needs financial support to pose a security threat. I don’t see Dodik moving in that direction.” He assessed it.

Defending that the current Croatian member of the Presidency of BiH is “symbolic”, Milanović said, “The election of Zeljko Komcic is not a good solution. This did not satisfy the Croats in BiH and the Croats here.” He said.

Milanović said he “didn’t see the need” to uphold BiH’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, adding that “Croatia doesn’t pose a threat to BiH, it never has.” He said.

The two leaders also announced that the session of the joint government of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia will be held on June 20.

Meanwhile, members of the Bosnian-Croatian Presidency, the highest state office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, are elected from within the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBIH), one of the country’s two entities.

Croatian nationalists, who reacted to the election of Komsić, known for his moderate Croatian member politics, again in the last elections held on 2 October, claimed that Komsić was elected by Bosniak vote.


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