Balkans | Bodies of 6 victims killed in the Bosnian war are buried in Bratunac

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Balkans |  Bodies of 6 victims killed in the Bosnian war are buried in Bratunac

The bodies of 6 Bosnian victims killed in the Bosnian war in 1992-1995 were buried in Bratunac, near Srebrenica, with a ceremony.

east of the country Srebrenica located near Bratonac in the region between 1992-1995. Bosnian war6 who were killed in. They arrived in mass graves years later BosnianThe bodies of Tuzla were transported to Bratunac from the city of Tuzla.

The bodies buried after prayers at the Veljaci Memorial Center in Bratunac belonged to Princess Barajanlija, who was 7 years old when she was killed, her mother Princess Barajanlija, who was killed at the age of 31, her grandmother Rokija Barajanlija, who was murdered. Killed at the age of 67, Alija Hodzic, Šapahita Hasanović and Sakir Muminović.

Smra Halilović, who lost her brother, mother and niece, said that the war years were very difficult for her and she suffers losses every day.

Halilović emphasized that the war had brought down his loved ones, and expressed his deep sorrow.

Camil Durakovic, Vice President of Republika Srpska, one of the two entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, noted that the genocide began with the beginning of the war, and that they should not forget it because it is their responsibility.

Mufti of Tuzla Vahid Fadlovich noted that they were with the families of the martyrs and came to show their respect and gratitude.

US Ambassador to Sarajevo Michael Murphy stressed that efforts must continue to find the missing persons and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The funeral was attended by many citizens, as well as officials from the Office of the Supreme Representative and local government.

The Bosnian War, which began in 1992, lasted until December 14, 1995.

On December 21, 1991, the Serbian Parliament decided to create the Republika Srpska of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a federal structure within Yugoslavia and at the same time recognize the Republika Srpska Krajina. Based on this decision, the Serbian People’s Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was proclaimed on January 9, 1992.

After Bosnia and Herzegovina declared its independence as a result of the referendum held on 29 February and 1 March 1992, the Serb-controlled Yugoslav army and Serb paramilitary units began ethnic cleansing against the Muslim Bosniaks.

More than 100,000 people lost their lives in the Bosnian war, which lasted until December 14, 1995, and about 2 million people had to migrate.


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