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Balkans |  Bosnia and Herzegovina Defense Minister Hills said that the world needs a stable Türkiye

Bosnia and Herzegovina Defense Minister Zokan Helles stated that there is a need for a stable Turkey in its troubled regions and in the world.

In his assessment to the APS reporter before his official visit to Turkey, Hillis said that they are working to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that their defense budget has increased.

Hillis expressed his congratulations to the newly formed government, noting that the elections took place in a democratic environment in Turkey.

Emphasizing that the Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) poses a threat to Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the entire world, Helez used the following statements:

“Turkey is a big country with a large population. When it comes to separatism, especially violent separatists, they are condemned all over the world. When someone wants to change things with violence, they do it with terror, i.e. illegally, they should be condemned and punished. We need a stable Turkey that keeps the whole troubled world and region under one umbrella.

They signed a $50 billion deal with Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Regarding Islamic countries, I am glad that Türkiye has opened a new page with these countries. The stability of the Islamic world and these migrations coming to us are very important to everyone. It is very important for the stability and peace of the Middle East and even North Africa.”

“Türkiye is one of the important allies in the foreign policy of Bosnia and Herzegovina”

Pointing out that he will attend the 16th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF 2023) in Istanbul this year, Hillis said, “Turkey is one of the important allies in BiH’s foreign policy. Turkey, without a doubt, is our friend, and it is a country that has helped us constantly with weapons and equipment, training and development of our armed forces after the independence of BiH. It is very important that the officers who will serve in the Armed Forces of BiH receive training in Turkey. Those who train come to the highest ranks. I want us to continue it.” He said.

Hillis indicated that they want to develop financial cooperation with Turkey in the military field and that they have taken the necessary steps for that.

He emphasized that Turkey also helps them with NATO membership, and emphasized that membership in the European Union is among their important goals.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina is a sovereign, independent and indivisible state”

Hillez said he could not tolerate the actions of Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik, one of the two entities in Bosnia-Herzegovina known for its separatist rhetoric.

Explaining that Dodik was reacting to his denial of the 1995 genocide in Srebrenica during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hillis said:

In Brussels, I said to senior officials of the European Union: If you touch the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, there will be war and conflict. Nobody can stop him. They remained silent and nodded their heads. Bosnia and Herzegovina is an independent, sovereign and indivisible state. This is stated in the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina. If any country in the world tries to change borders, this is war, and we will not allow it.”

Noting that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that “Republika Srpska is a state,” Hillis stressed that the war has not benefited anyone, and that Bosnia and Herzegovina is internationally recognized and that must be respected.


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